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Features by Nigel Roebuck
The 'utter stupidity' that leaves F1 flawed F1 cars were made much faster for 2017, but overtaking numbers plummeted. With the help of an opinio... 1515974400 F1
Why F1 should call Ferrari's quit-threat bluff Ferrari ended 2017 with some negative messaging, handing Kimi Raikkonen's form a final warning and r... 1515110400 F1
The greatest Formula 1 races Amid the 547 grands prix our weekly 'Fifth columnist' has witnessed, many magic moments stand out. H... 1514937600 F1
Is Mercedes risking a new civil war? Mercedes boss Toto Wolff wants 'disruption' and 'tension' to get the most out of his Formula 1 team.... 1513296000 F1
Nigel Roebuck's verdict on F1 2017 The world of Formula 1 is changing, but is it all for the better? F1's task to improve is daunting o... 1512604800 F1
How a supporting act exposed F1's biggest flaw An Abu Dhabi Grand Prix lacking in action led Lewis Hamilton to suggest the circuit was not suited t... 1512086400 F1
How F1's misleading engine rules created a disaster Formula 1's series of decisions over engine specs and engine rules have led to a bad situation - and... 1511395200 F1
Prost-like Massa deserved to retire an F1 world champion A tedious grand prix was won by Sebastian Vettel but the real victory was six places further back, a... 1510790400 F1
How Ferrari has always abused its power Another decade, another person in charge, another Ferrari quit threat. Ferrari's a special entity, b... 1510272000 F1
The unexpected side effect of F1's safety push When even Jackie Stewart believes part of F1's constant push for safety has taken something too far,... 1509580800 F1
F1's American dream is compromised – but working Formula 1 is entering its own 'age of the Super Bowl', and that has merits and drawbacks - although ... 1509062400 F1
Why F1 drivers should race in F2 There's no better recipe for close racing than top-class drivers and equal cars. F1 bosses need to w... 1508371200 F1
When F1 forced an incredible last-minute rule change Modern Formula 1's complexities mean you can't even change a spark plug quickly these days. So imagi... 1507766400 F1
How Malaysia showed the best, and worst, of Vettel The final Malaysian Grand Prix wasn't the kindest to Sebastian Vettel, but it did serve to highlight... 1507161600 F1
Why F1's 2018 silly season will be one to savour Sainz to Renault (via Toro Rosso, McLaren and Honda) was the highlight of F1's 2017 silly season. Ne... 1506556800 F1
Singapore debacle was no racing incident The Singapore Grand Prix was a peculiar race, but strangest of all was the stewards' decision not to... 1505952000 F1
The fresh hell facing Alonso's future With McLaren taking Renault engines and Honda heading elsewhere, Woking looks a better short-term pr... 1505347200 F1
The farce F1 desperately needs to address Only one driver started the Italian Grand Prix from the position he qualified. Formula 1 must act no... 1504742400 F1

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