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The new Aston Martin rear wing that aims to break F1 2022's rule intentions

Aston Martin has raised some intrigue at Formula 1's Hungarian Grand Prix by introducing a rear wing that appears aimed at breaking one of the key intention of 2022's rules.

Why Red Bull has added a shelf to its F1 engine cover

Red Bull's Formula 1 upgrade push has continued at the British Grand Prix with an intriguing introduction of what looks like a 'shelf' along its engine cover.

Mercedes' F1 Spanish GP upgrades spotted

The Spanish Grand Prix has been viewed as a critical Formula 1 weekend for Mercedes, as it hopes upgrades can unlock the potential it believes the W13 has within.

The new F1 floor stay that hints at Alpine's weight-saving push

Alpine arrived at Formula 1's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix with a range of upgrades, but with only enough parts at its disposal for one car, with Fernando Alonso getting them.

Why F1's new brake rules have posed a fresh challenge in 2022

Formula 1’s rule changes for 2022 were not just restricted to aerodynamics, as other key areas of the cars have been totally revamped as well.

The downforce choices that proved key at the Saudi GP

Formula 1’s high-speed Jeddah circuit was the first outing at a low downforce venue this year and showed us how teams will adjust their cars to reduce drag.

Mercedes ‘spaceship’ mirrors prompt Ferrari calls for F1 rules clampdown

Ferrari has called for a clampdown on Formula 1's mirror design regulations, amid fears that Mercedes’ new concept could trigger wild ‘spaceship’ designs.

The history book lessons behind F1’s new 2022 ideas

Formula 1’s regulations might be heralded as creating an all-new car design for 2022, but that has not stopped teams rolling out some proven ideas from the history books.

The key tech stand outs from F1’s first 2022 test

Formula 1’s pre-season test at Barcelona may have been the first opportunity for teams to get mileage with their 2022 cars, but that did not stop them already introducing upgrades.

The show car origins behind Red Bull's fake RB18
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The show car origins behind Red Bull's fake RB18

Red Bull built up its RB18 launch as a new car reveal but hopes of a first look at a proper 2022 Formula 1 challenger quickly fell flat.

The intriguing McLaren change teased in its F1 2022 fire-up video

Formula 1 teams are in the final stages of getting their new cars ready for launches and the first pre-season test next month.

Ferrari's 2022 F1 car set for airbox tweak

Ferrari will unveil its 2022 challenger on 17 February and it could change tact in a notable design area.

The rise and fall of bargeboards in F1

An all-new Formula 1 car design for 2022 means it’s the end of the road for the bargeboard, which has been a major aerodynamic element in the sport for decades.

How F1 wheel rim covers work, why they were banned and why they’re back

The changes to Formula 1’s regulations for 2022 are extensive and as well as introducing exciting new elements there is also a sense of reincarnation that draws inspiration from design features of the past.

The technology on show in Abu Dhabi F1 testing ahead of new-look 2022

The 2021 Formula 1 season might be over but all of its teams stayed in Abu Dhabi to test the new 18-inch wheel rims and Pirelli tyres, with the majority bringing a purpose-built ‘mule’ test car.

The low-downforce solutions Red Bull and Mercedes went for in F1 finale

Mercedes and Red Bull went in to the Formula 1 season finale in Abu Dhabi well aware that their battle could be decided on straightline speed.

Saudi Arabian GP: Latest F1 technical images on display

Here are the latest Formula 1 technical developments from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, courtesy of Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images.

What is going on with Red Bull’s flappy F1 rear wing

While Red Bull has voiced its concerns over Mercedes’ rear wing, it is encountering issues of its own that has drawn criticisms from its bitter Formula 1 title rival.

How Mercedes and Red Bull have diverged on F1 brake duct ideas

Aerodynamic output is a key factor in the design of most components on a Formula 1 car due to the significant performance advantages on offer.

How Mercedes revived an old F1 suspension 'trick' to boost speed

There's been a great deal made about Mercedes' apparent Formula 1 straightline speed advantage when compared with its closest rival Red Bull.

The five tech punches Red Bull and Mercedes traded in 2021

Formula 1's COVID-forced adoption of an interim car design for 2021 has resulted in some fascinating battles on and off track this season: and a very different upgrade war.

The updates helping McLaren fight for F1 wins

McLaren has made some impressive progress in Formula 1 this season, as it has ended its long victory and pole position droughts.

The F1 S-duct divide between Mercedes and Red Bull

The 'S' duct has been a staple of Formula 1 since 2012, when Sauber introduced the solution to help overcome aerodynamic inefficiencies triggered by the step nose regulations.

The images that reveal Verstappen's missing half car

Red Bull Formula 1 boss Christian Horner half-jokingly remarked that Max Verstappen had been left with less downforce than Mick Schumacher's Haas after the Hungarian Grand Prix first corner pile-up.

Why F1's battle of the rear wings is becoming even more intricate

One of the defining aspects of the Formula 1 title battle between Red Bull and Mercedes this year has been the rear wing choices made by the two teams.

Tech: A look at Mercedes and Red Bull's F1 British GP floor designs

The Mercedes Formula 1 team had arrived at the British Grand Prix in need of a good result after a recent run of Red Bull success.

Tech insight: What F1’s 2022 full-scale model really tells us

Formula 1 unveiled a full-scale version of the future at Silverstone on Thursday, allowing us to get our first true impression of what the cars will look like from 2022 onwards.

How Ferrari's floor experiments have finally paid off

Ferrari has been investigating the benefits of a new floor design for several Formula 1 races now, with various iterations trialled to find the right performance balance.

F1’s flexi-wing controversy faces end game at French GP

Formula 1’s focus on tyre pressures has dominated attention in the build-up to the French Grand Prix, but this weekend is an important one on another technical front.

How Bottas' Monaco F1 pitstop ended up being 43 hours long

Valtteri Bottas' Monaco Grand Prix came to a premature end when a Formula 1 pitstop went wrong, and his right front wheel could not be removed until nearly two days later.

The Mercedes updates that failed to help it win the Monaco GP

Mercedes has always had a weakness at slow speed circuits, with its long wheelbase and tyre characteristics not perfect for Formula 1 venues like Monaco and Singapore.

The different rear wing approach that helped Hamilton win

Lewis Hamilton's storming charge to victory in the Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix showed again his brilliance at overtaking and tyre management.

How F1 teams have responded to 2021 floor challenge

Formula 1's winter rule changes to slash downforce proved to be a big headache for teams over the winter – and became a big talking point in Bahrain last weekend.

The rear end overhaul that has transformed Red Bull's F1 car

Red Bull’s crushing form over the Formula 1 season-opening weekend in Bahrain suggests it has dialled out the aerodynamic issues that caused problems last year.

Bahrain GP: Ferrari brings new Formula 1 front wing

Ferrari is set to introduce a new front wing for its SF70H in the Bahrain Grand Prix, as it bids to keep the pressure on Mercedes at the top of Formula 1