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Special FeatureBig debate: When was F1's real greatest era? The idea of Formula 1 having been at its best at some point in the past is often used as a stick to ... 1544659200 F1
Alex KalinauckasThe big winner from Nissan's Formula E driver crisis Alexander Albon's sudden pre-season departure from Nissan's inaugural Formula E campaign was a disru... 1544659200 FE
F1 RacingHow McLaren recovered from its greatest tragedy The tragic death of Bruce McLaren could have initiated his young team's demise. But remarkably, and ... 1544572800 F1
Scott MitchellThe miracle rise of an F1 team 'fighting the medical car' One of most surprising storylines from the 2018 Formula 1 season was the change in fortunes at Saube... 1544572800 F1
Edd StrawWhy F1 must bring back 'bad' minnow teams Formula 1 needs to encourage new entrants to join the pack not just to increase grid sizes, but to o... 1544572800 F1
F1 RacingWhy the British GP could follow F1's new Vietnam route Formula 1's deal to race in Vietnam deal is big business, but could it also pave the way for more st... 1544486400 F1
Season reviewBest driver, biggest surprise, star team: Our F1 2018 review Autosport's experts pick their highs, lows, surprises and laments from the 2018 Formula 1 season 1544486400 F1
Technical insightThe tech that decided the 2018 F1 title fight The advantage swung between Mercedes and Ferrari for most of the 2018 Formula 1 season, and innovati... 1544486400 F1
F1 RacingHow Rosberg helped Hamilton equal Fangio There's a world of difference between the 22-year-old Lewis Hamilton who lit F1 up in 2007 and the 3... 1544400000 F1
Adam CooperIs Williams capable of the change it needs? Williams finished the 2014 and '15 seasons third in the Formula 1 constructors' championship. In '18... 1544400000 F1
F1 RacingHow F1 is going the extra mile to crack America Having sampled 10 different venues, it feels as if Formula 1 has finally found a home in the United ... 1544313600 F1
F1 RacingHow misplaced instinct created Schumacher's biggest title controversy Was the F310B of 1997 a great Formula 1 car? That would be stretching it. But for all its clear infe... 1544227200 F1
F1 RacingHow Michael Schumacher changed F1 forever Michael Schumacher broke the mould in terms of what it meant to be a Formula 1 driver. He introduced... 1544140800 F1
Edd StrawThe 2018 title fight F1 could have had Even though it was wrapped up early, the battle for 'Class B' honours went back and forth throughout... 1544140800 F1
Edd StrawThe highs and lows of F1 2018's top drivers The 2018 Formula 1 season featured the fiercest battle for honours since the start of the V6 turbo-h... 1544054400 F1
Jonathan NobleThe findings that make halo criticism irrelevant Charles Leclerc being hit by a flying Fernando Alonso at the Belgian Grand Prix ended some of the de... 1544054400 F1
Edd StrawThe role Bottas hates but must embrace Valtteri Bottas finished 2018 fifth in the Formula 1 points and with no race victories, and called i... 1543968000 F1
Scott MitchellThe human cost of F1's cut-throat nature Several Formula 1 drivers said goodbye to the championship at the end of the 2018 season. In one not... 1543968000 F1
Gary AndersonF1 teams' real 2018 performance levels revealed Autosport's technical expert rates the 10 Formula 1 teams using his performance index, and compares ... 1543881600 F1
Jake Boxall-LeggeHow new F3 has learned from F2's mistakes Formula 3 racing will replace GP3 on the Formula 1 support bill in 2019 with a new car. It will be p... 1543881600 F3
RetrospectiveHow Hakkinen gave Senna a wake-up call in 1993 To celebrate Mika Hakkinen being honoured at the Autosport Awards this year, we joined him for a loo... 1543795200 F1
Adam CooperHas F1 'jumped too early' with 2019 changes? A raft of changes for the 2019 Formula 1 aerodynamic rules will mean next year's cars look quite dif... 1543795200 F1
Glenn FreemanThe major problem F1 should have outlawed by now The debate over how best to deal with track limits abuses in Formula 1 has rumbled on for long enoug... 1543795200 F1
Kevin TurnerFernando Alonso's 10 greatest F1 races Identifying great performances from Fernando Alonso's Formula 1 career is not difficult. Narrowing t... 1543536000 F1
Technical insightThe tech behind Porsche's F1 record beater The Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo made headlines throughout 2018 with its record-chasing - even though F1 r... 1543536000 WEC
Jonathan NobleWould Alonso be able to resist an F1 comeback? Fernando Alonso's entire life has been geared towards Formula 1. Now that has been removed, his big ... 1543449600 F1
Nigel RoebuckThe steps that have led to F1's 'very silly cars' Although Formula 1's regulations will change considerably for 2019, Nigel Roebuck argues the champio... 1543449600 F1
Edd StrawKubica’s return proves he’d have been F1 world champion Robert Kubica's journey back to Formula 1 will be completed when he lines up for the 2019 Australian... 1543363200 F1
Jack BenyonCan a name change save UK motorsport? The governing body of UK motorsport has had a rebrand, a refresh and a refocus. Can its quest to pro... 1543363200 National
Gary AndersonWhy F1's 2019 changes will look good but achieve little Hopes have gradually increased in recent weeks that F1's 2019 rule changes will make a significant d... 1543276800 F1

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