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How F1 teams extract the maximum from their tyres You might not think ride quality enters the equation when setting up an F1 car but, as PAT SYMONDS e... 1555891200 F1
Gary AndersonWhy Rosberg is wrong about the 2019 Ferrari Nico Rosberg recently suggested that Ferrari's 2019 Formula 1 car has been pitched in the wrong plac... 1555891200 F1
David EvansThe team thriving despite losing its champion It would have been understandable if losing a six-time World Rally Championship title winner had had... 1555891200 WRC
Matt JamesThe change of approach that could inspire a BTCC title He's been a mainstay in touring cars for over a decade, but now Andrew Jordan has got a new car. Cou... 1555804800 BTCC
F1 RacingHow F1 has broken two of its greatest teams McLaren and Williams are two of Formula 1's biggest success stories, but they look increasingly outg... 1555718400 F1
Lucy MorsonInside the fight for the 18 W Series seats As the W Series grid was revealed, those who failed to make the cut were critical on social media. H... 1555718400 W
Scott MitchellHow F1 drivers are being 'screwed' by their teams Driver complaints about one another have been rife at the start of the 2019 Formula 1 season. But th... 1555718400 F1
F1 RacingWhy Rich Energy faces a huge battle Rich Energy arrived in F1 on a wave of hype as title sponsor of the Haas team. But business guru MAR... 1555632000 F1
Jonathan NobleRetro specials showed F1 what it's missing Formula 1 hitting the landmark 1000th race invited plenty of rose-tinted spectacle takes on the curr... 1555632000 F1
MotoGPCan Rossi produce a Tiger Woods-style comeback? Valentino Rossi was the man who pounced when Marc Marquez fell at Austin. He may not have won the ra... 1555632000 MotoGP
Autosport EngineeringHow an aero revolution has transformed the WRC The new regulations introduced by the World Rally Championship in 2017 has changed the game for both... 1555545600 Engineering
Jake Boxall-LeggeThe MotoGP model that proves F1 B-teams' worth F1's history with customer cars has been contradictory throughout the decades, and the development o... 1555545600 F1
Adam CooperThe inspiration for F1's proposed qualifying shake-up F1's proposal to add a fourth part of qualifying hasn't received universal approval. But while some ... 1555545600 F1
Matt KewThe overlooked warning shot to the BTCC grid Despite a strong showing in qualifying, circumstances conspired against WSR at the British Touring C... 1555459200 BTCC
Alex KalinauckasWhy 'yellow cards' can stop a demolition derby A new system designed to prevent a 'demolition derby' made its debut last weekend, and the idea of a... 1555459200 FE
Edd StrawF1 must go extreme with qualifying changes or leave it It has been mooted that Formula 1 could introduce an extra segment in qualifying to add extra jeopar... 1555459200 F1
Charles BradleyHow Marquez became just another human at Austin Marc Marquez's reign of dominance at Austin was the perfect demonstration of the talents that have m... 1555372800 MotoGP
Gary AndersonFerrari's early struggles pile pressure on Binotto After Mercedes claimed a third one-two finish of the 2019 Formula 1 season, pressure is rising at Fe... 1555372800 F1
Scott MitchellThe unexpected motivation behind Raikkonen's 'hobby' Kimi Raikkonen revealed ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix that he sees Formula 1 as more of a hobby no... 1555372800 F1
GP analysisHow Ferrari's key weaknesses were exposed in China Mercedes' emphatic Chinese Grand Prix performance suggests Ferrari's pacesetting form in Bahrain was... 1555286400 F1
Technical insightThe full story of Mercedes' China front wing saga Even before a wheel turned in anger at last weekend's Chinese Grand Prix there was controversy over ... 1555286400 F1
F1 RacingNigel Roebuck: How F1 has lost its way As F1 gears up to mark its 1000th world championship race in China, NIGEL ROEBUCK reflects on how he... 1555113600 F1
1000th GP'Crashgate' revisited - F1's tainted 800th race The 800th Formula 1 world championship round was its first night race, but will forever be remembere... 1555113600 F1
1000th GPHamilton and Rosberg's first flashpoint - F1's 900th race Just when modern Formula 1 was being lambasted from all directions, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg ... 1555113600 F1
Alex KalinauckasThe Formula E team - and driver - resetting in Rome Jaguar starts Saturday's Rome Formula E race with a change in its driver line-up. In Alex Lynn, it h... 1555113600 FE
1000th GPA contentious win and a tyre war - F1's 700th GP F1's 700th GP took place in Brazil in 2003 - and what a race it was. A wet event managed to expose a... 1555027200 F1
1000th GPF1 rewritten: The biggest 'what ifs' answered Senna at Ferrari? A different treble world champion? More success for Ferrari and less for Lotus? Au... 1555027200 F1
1000th GPThe driver who gained most from F1's famous farce The 2005 United States Grand Prix was one of the most notorious of Formula 1's 999 world championshi... 1555027200 F1
Friday analysisPractice points to titanic Ferrari vs Mercedes battle Save for Lewis Hamilton's on-track heroics in the Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes and Ferrari haven't b... 1555027200 F1
Scott MitchellThe supposed Ferrari edge that makes China so vital Although there appears to be little to choose between Ferrari and Mercedes for raw pace in China, Fe... 1555027200 F1

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