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The Red Bull and Ferrari elements inspiring Alpine's F1 upgrades

Alpine's progress in Formula 1 this year has been fuelled by a pretty consistent upgrade push with its A522 car.

Why Red Bull has added a shelf to its F1 engine cover

Red Bull's Formula 1 upgrade push has continued at the British Grand Prix with an intriguing introduction of what looks like a 'shelf' along its engine cover.

Five standout technical ideas from F1’s 2022 cars

Formula 1’s technical rules overhaul delivered something of a curveball this season, as a new generation of cars came in with ever more limits on what teams could play with.

The wing choice that impacted Sainz's top speed in Verstappen Canadian GP battle

Ferrari brought a new specification rear wing to the Canadian Grand Prix, aimed to decreasing drag and increasing top speed – key to its fight with the swift Red Bull Formula 1 cars.

Canadian GP: F1 technical developments from Montreal

Join us as we delve into the new and interesting technical features on display up and down the pitlane as teams prepare for the Canadian Grand Prix, courtesy of Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images.

How F1 teams combatted porpoising and unleashed performance

Formula 1’s switch to a car that derives more of its aerodynamic performance from the underfloor meant teams focused most of their efforts here in the opening part of the 2022 season.

Why Alpine's low-drag F1 updates should pay off in the short term

Alpine arrived at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix with a range of new parts designed to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the A522, with an emphasis on drag reduction.

Azerbaijan GP: Latest F1 technical developments from pitlane

Here's a look at the new and interesting technical features on display up and down the pitlane as teams prepare for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, courtesy of Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images.

Five F1 Spanish GP updates you may have missed

Almost every Formula 1 team has new parts at its disposal in Spain this weekend as the development race ramps up.

Aston Martin reveals 'Green Red Bull' overhaul ahead of F1 Spanish GP

Aston Martin's Spanish Grand Prix updates have drawn multiple glances Barcelona with its new-look Formula 1 car, already earning it the 'Green Red Bull' tag.

The F1 rear wing differences between Red Bull and Ferrari

The lap time difference between Red Bull and Ferrari has been very small this year, but the two Formula 1 teams have taken a contrasting approach to set-ups.

How Mercedes' Miami F1 updates yielded a false dawn

Mercedes had something of a false dawn at the Miami Grand Prix, with the Formula 1 team topping the times in Friday practice thanks to some upgrades.

How Mercedes hopes to gain from its extreme F1 front wing

Mercedes has played down expectations for its Miami Grand Prix upgrades, but the Formula 1 team’s ambitions are clearly based on a pretty innovative front wing revamp.

The Red Bull F1 'ice skate' that could be its porpoising cure

One of the key performance drivers for the current generation of ground effect Formula 1 cars is underfloor aerodynamics, an area that is often hidden from view.

The Alfa F1 philosophy shift that aided Bottas's Imola charge

Alfa Romeo's performance has been one of the surprises of the 2022 Formula 1 season so far, the Swiss squad a contender for best-of-the-rest honours behind Red Bull and Ferrari.

The new F1 floor stay that hints at Alpine's weight-saving push

Alpine arrived at Formula 1's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix with a range of upgrades, but with only enough parts at its disposal for one car, with Fernando Alonso getting them.

The Aston Martin F1 idea that Ferrari and Red Bull have copied

Formula 1’s frontrunning teams do not have a monopoly on the brightest ideas, and many times in the championship’s history some of the best concepts can be found on cars that aren’t battling for wins.

Mercedes experiments continue with Hamilton/Russell F1 wing choices

Mercedes remains adrift of the fight at the front of Formula 1 right now, with its focus still on solving the porpoising problems that are holding it back.

How new rules have changed the face of F1’s development war

Formula 1’s era of new cars has come as part of a package of rule tweaks that include a cost cap and sliding scale resource restrictions.

The Ferrari diffuser tweak that offers clues to its F1 upgrade plans

Ferrari has emerged as the car to beat in Formula 1 this season, with Charles Leclerc winning two of the first three grands prix.

How Red Bull began its RB18 F1 weight-saving push in Melbourne

Red Bull is under no illusions that to close its current Formula 1 performance deficit to Ferrari, it must make an aero step and reduce the weight of its RB18.

The glowing light that offered clues about Mercedes’ F1 recovery plan

Eagle-eyed observers of Formula 1's Australian Grand Prix could not help but notice a strange glowing light coming from beneath Lewis Hamilton's car at points of the race on Sunday.

Why F1's new brake rules have posed a fresh challenge in 2022

Formula 1’s rule changes for 2022 were not just restricted to aerodynamics, as other key areas of the cars have been totally revamped as well.

The nose design quirk that will help Ferrari, Red Bull's upgrade push

Despite their strong start to the Formula 1 season, Ferrari and Red Bull know that success in the world championship depends on them bringing effective upgrades.

The downforce choices that proved key at the Saudi GP

Formula 1’s high-speed Jeddah circuit was the first outing at a low downforce venue this year and showed us how teams will adjust their cars to reduce drag.

The low-drag F1 wing that helped Red Bull top Bahrain GP speed traps

While there was a growing consensus in the Formula 1 paddock last weekend that Ferrari had produced the best engine, it was actually Red Bull that topped the speed traps in Bahrain.

What has upset rivals over Mercedes’ F1 wing mirrors

While Mercedes’ new sidepods grabbed the main attention at last week’s Bahrain Formula 1 test, the most contentious part of its design has actually been its mirrors.

How McLaren has addressed its F1 brake problem

After a solid first pre-season Formula 1 test in Barcelona, McLaren endured a more troubled time in Bahrain last week as its running was hit by brake problems.

How F1’s top teams have started to evolve their 2022 cars

Formula 1 teams may only have a few weeks of experience with the new 2022 cars, but that has not stopped them already starting to evolve and improve their designs.

Red Bull reveals sidepod update in Bahrain F1 test

Red Bull revealed its latest updates on the final morning of the Bahrain Formula 1 test, with tweaks made to the sidepod design of its RB18.

Ferrari introduces floor tweaks for Bahrain F1 test

Ferrari may have opted against bringing any major upgrades to its Formula 1 car for the second pre-season test in Bahrain, but that hasn't stopped it looking for improvements.

What the F1 regulations says about Mercedes’ sidepod solution

Mercedes raised some eyebrows on the opening day of the second pre-season Formula 1 test when it rolled out its radical new sidepod solution on the W13.

Could Mercedes introduce radical 'zeropod' F1 design?

Mercedes is expected to arrive at Bahrain's second Formula 1 pre-season test with a much-evolved W13 car. But could a 'zeropod' approach with ultra-slimline sidepods be feasible?

Why Red Bull's RB18 innovation doesn't lie solely in its sidepods

After a much-hyped launch with a Formula 1 show car, Red Bull went low-key for its real RB18 reveal as it rolled out of the pits in testing.

The history book lessons behind F1’s new 2022 ideas

Formula 1’s regulations might be heralded as creating an all-new car design for 2022, but that has not stopped teams rolling out some proven ideas from the history books.

The key tech stand outs from F1’s first 2022 test

Formula 1’s pre-season test at Barcelona may have been the first opportunity for teams to get mileage with their 2022 cars, but that did not stop them already introducing upgrades.

Revealed: Ferrari’s radical 2022 F1 nose idea

Ferrari has implemented a radical nose idea on its 2022 Formula 1 car that could give it the edge in being able to rapidly develop its challenger this season.

The standout design elements from the new AlphaTauri F1 2022 car

Two real 2022 Formula 1 cars have been revealed so far, the McLaren and Aston Martin offering up a different flavour in terms of design.

The show car origins behind Red Bull's fake RB18
Video Inside

The show car origins behind Red Bull's fake RB18

Red Bull built up its RB18 launch as a new car reveal but hopes of a first look at a proper 2022 Formula 1 challenger quickly fell flat.

The design trends to watch in the 2022 F1 car launches

The images of the Haas Formula 1 car may not have been the finished article, but they still gave us answers about how teams are interpreting the 2022 rules.

The intriguing McLaren change teased in its F1 2022 fire-up video

Formula 1 teams are in the final stages of getting their new cars ready for launches and the first pre-season test next month.

Ferrari's 2022 F1 car set for airbox tweak

Ferrari will unveil its 2022 challenger on 17 February and it could change tact in a notable design area.

What Pirelli’s 18-inch wheels change for F1’s designers

Formula 1 is embracing an all-new car design for 2022 season, with a significant push from the series bosses on making the cars able to race each other more closely.

FIA plans to further tweak rear flexi-wing tests despite all-clear

The FIA says it uncovered no 'monkey business' with its increased rear wing flexibility tests in Formula 1 last year, but it wants to further improve its checks for 2022.

The rise and fall of bargeboards in F1

An all-new Formula 1 car design for 2022 means it’s the end of the road for the bargeboard, which has been a major aerodynamic element in the sport for decades.

How F1 wheel rim covers work, why they were banned and why they’re back

The changes to Formula 1’s regulations for 2022 are extensive and as well as introducing exciting new elements there is also a sense of reincarnation that draws inspiration from design features of the past.

Why F1's 2022 cars will be more of a handful for drivers

Formula 1 will unleash a new rules era this year, as the series shifts to ground effect cars that are aimed at making the racing better.

The steering wheel changes Mercedes prepared for Russell

George Russell was always clear that his outing for Mercedes at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix delivered him knowledge that could be put to good use on his return to Williams.

How F1 teams tackled 2021's unique development war Plus

How F1 teams tackled 2021's unique development war

The pandemic-induced delay of F1’s design reset until 2022 meant teams had to run tweaked versions of their 2020 cars, restricted by a token system for updates. Here's how the teams responded to the challenge of developing their carryover machines, in the knowledge any improvements faced a limited shelf-life

The low-downforce solutions Red Bull and Mercedes went for in F1 finale

Mercedes and Red Bull went in to the Formula 1 season finale in Abu Dhabi well aware that their battle could be decided on straightline speed.

Saudi Arabian GP: Latest F1 technical images on display

Here are the latest Formula 1 technical developments from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, courtesy of Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images.

The McLaren F1 configuration that has helped Sainz shine at Ferrari

Carlos Sainz Jr has stood out in Formula 1 this season as the driver who adapted quickest and best to a new team.

What is going on with Red Bull’s flappy F1 rear wing

While Red Bull has voiced its concerns over Mercedes’ rear wing, it is encountering issues of its own that has drawn criticisms from its bitter Formula 1 title rival.

The Mercedes rear wing marks behind Red Bull's suspicions

Red Bull has vowed to protest against Mercedes if it continues to run its rear wing from Brazil. Here's why the team believes the wing's "score marks" point to an outlawed trick by its rival to boost top speed.

Why Hamilton’s fresh Brazil F1 engine was a game changer

The new power unit installed in Lewis Hamilton’s W12 at Formula 1’s Sao Paulo Grand Prix helped catapult the Brit to a memorable win. We take a look at the power gains and that helped Mercedes strike back.

Ferrari’s latest F1 brake experiments in Brazil

Ferrari continued at Formula 1’s Brazilian Grand Prix last weekend to assess the new brake disc material and design that it first tried in Mexico.

The new F1 brake duct tweaks that show Red Bull is still pushing

Red Bull’s development of its Formula 1 car has been relentless this season, with new parts arriving at almost every race in the opening half of the campaign.

How Mercedes and Red Bull have diverged on F1 brake duct ideas

Aerodynamic output is a key factor in the design of most components on a Formula 1 car due to the significant performance advantages on offer.

The five tech punches Red Bull and Mercedes traded in 2021

Formula 1's COVID-forced adoption of an interim car design for 2021 has resulted in some fascinating battles on and off track this season: and a very different upgrade war.

Experimental Mercedes front wing hints at final F1 update push

The fight between Mercedes and Red Bull in Formula 1 has been as much about car development this year as it has been about wheel-to-wheel battles on track.