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Why F1's flexi wing tricks are a never-ending problem for the FIA

The FIA's clampdown on Formula 1 teams exploiting clever 'bendy wings' to boost straightline speed is the latest skirmish in a war that has raged for decades.

What is behind McLaren's latest F1 upgrades

McLaren has emerged as the strongest 'best of the rest' team in Formula 1 this year, but it hasn't stopped it pushing on with upgrades.

The different rear wing approach that helped Hamilton win

Lewis Hamilton's storming charge to victory in the Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix showed again his brilliance at overtaking and tyre management.

The aero revamp that Red Bull has unleashed in Portugal

Red Bull has shown no signs of easing off in its Formula 1 development push, as it brought a raft of upgrades to its RB16B for the fight against Mercedes in Portugal.

How Aston Martin is fighting back from its low rake deficit

Aston Martin has spoken openly about how it feels that Formula 1’s new 2021 aero regulations have hurt its low rake car.

What Verstappen's scenic tour revealed about Red Bull's secrets

Formula 1 teams go to great lengths to keep their design ideas secret from rivals, but sometimes events beyond their control end up revealing everything.

How Mercedes has turned the corner on its knife-edge W12

Mercedes arrived at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix after a bruising pre-season Formula 1 test and some warning signs about Red Bull’s potential in the Bahrain race.

How F1 teams have responded to 2021 floor challenge

Formula 1's winter rule changes to slash downforce proved to be a big headache for teams over the winter – and became a big talking point in Bahrain last weekend.

The rear end overhaul that has transformed Red Bull's F1 car

Red Bull’s crushing form over the Formula 1 season-opening weekend in Bahrain suggests it has dialled out the aerodynamic issues that caused problems last year.

How F1's tech restrictions could shake up the 2021 order Plus

How F1's tech restrictions could shake up the 2021 order

This year’s carryover designs initially pointed to a continuation of Formula 1’s 2020 pecking order, but now it appears that the required aero tweaks may shake things up for the entire grid

From the archive: Newey on 1991 F1 car design

Autosport is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna's greatest Formula 1 title with a 1991-themed special issue of the magazine. The full impact of Adrian Newey at Williams wouldn't be realised until 1992 but, as the aerodynamics guru told GIORGIO PIOLA in the 11 July 1991 issue, the key principles of making cars go quickly have changed little

How F1's teams developed their cars over 2020 Plus

How F1's teams developed their cars over 2020

Although 2020 was intended to be the final season of the current ruleset, the best laid plans were put to waste by the global pandemic, meaning they'll have one more year with the current cars. This gave Formula 1 teams plenty of reason to keep developing

What's new for Formula 1 in 2021?

Formula 1 may be facing an unprecedented situation with teams carrying over their cars for a second season in 2021, but that does not mean everything is staying the same

How Ferrari’s Imola-spec F1 car shows hit and miss upgrades of SF1000

Ferrari arrived at Formula 1's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in relatively high spirits given its recent results, having been able to unlock more performance from its SF1000

Mercedes set to test F1 car without DAS in Portuguese GP practice

Mercedes is set to test its car without DAS in Formula 1 practice for the Portuguese Grand Prix, as part of a learning exercise for next year

Banned: F1's novel steering solutions

Steering is an area of the car where engineers have tried to probe the limits, with various solutions having been tried - and many of these subsequently getting banned. Here we take a look at some of the most famous examples

Banned: Flexible wings in Formula 1

Formula 1's engineers are at their most ingenious when sidestepping the regulations to find performance - and, in this case, defying load tests to improve the car on-track. In this next edition of our Banned! series, we delve into the world of flexi-wings

Banned: The Coanda-effect exhaust

After an attempted ban on exhaust-blown diffusers for 2012, Formula 1 teams rocked up to the season opener with a workaround solution to get the same effect - the Coanda exhaust. Here's how they came to be, and how they worked

Banned: When exhaust-blown diffusers reigned supreme

In the latest edition of the 'Banned' series, Formula 1's relationship with the exhaust-blown diffuser is explored. Reintroduced by Red Bull at the turn of the 2010s, it began a battle of wits over the next two years which blew hot and cold throughout

Banned: The double diffuser that triggered an F1 development race

After a slew of protests over the legality of double diffusers in early 2009, the FIA declared that they would be permitted. Soon after, every other Formula 1 team had their own designs, opening up a brand new area of development

Banned: The Mercedes F1 team's double DRS device

At the start of the drag reduction system's tenure in Formula 1, multiple teams attempted to double its fun with novel and complex solutions. Mercedes' version brought the front wing into play, with mixed success before it was outlawed

How Mercedes could fit DAS into its Formula 1 suspension layout

Formula 1's stable rules for 2020 were expected to lead to design convergence between the top teams, but there has still been room for divergence among their respective suspension designs

Tech focus: How teams prepared in testing for Melbourne Plus

Tech focus: How teams prepared in testing for Melbourne

F1 testing's week two was remarkable for the lack of major upgrades, but the FIA and Ferrari provided plenty to talk about...

Piola: The changes helping Mercedes accommodate dual-axis F1 steering

Mercedes became the talk of the opening pre-season Formula 1 test at Barcelona when onboard footage revealed the team's innovative new dual-axis steering system

Red Bull's innovative multi-link 2020 F1 front suspension design

While Mercedes' dual-axis steering system turned heads in the Barcelona Formula 1 paddock, Red Bull unveiled a front suspension change it hopes will eradicate its deficit in slow-speed corners

Piola: The key differences between Ferrari's 2019 and 2020 F1 cars

Ferrari was keen to play up the "extreme" concepts it adopted in the development of its 2020 Formula 1 car, suggesting the SF1000 is a radical departure from its predecessor. But how different are the two designs?

How the Mercedes F1 team's 2020 sidepod design is set to evolve

On the eve of a new Formula 1 season, Mercedes will feel the weight of expectation like no other team, having achieved an uninterrupted sequence of six double world championships

Revealed: Red Bull-Honda's F1 race-winning engine design

The development of the Honda Formula 1 power unit has been a key talking point of the 2019 season, as the marque has enjoyed a successful year with Red Bull

How teams are converging on leftfield wings for 2020 Plus

How teams are converging on leftfield wings for 2020

As the 2019 F1 season begins to draw to a close, the focus has already shifted to next year. Multiple teams have started 2020 test programmes in practice, each featuring similar front wing design philosophies as next year's designs seem to be converging

Mercedes' 2019 F1 cooling trick other teams are considering

One fascinating aspect of the battle between Mercedes and Ferrari in the second half of the 2019 Formula 1 season has been their contrasting performances in qualifying and the race

Red Bull modifies F1 engine cover to add cooling for Mexican GP

Red Bull has modified its engine cover for Formula 1's 2019 Mexican Grand Prix to cope with the increased cooling demands from the conditions at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

The major update Mercedes finally unleashed Plus

The major update Mercedes finally unleashed

Mercedes may have wrapped up one of this year's world championships at Suzuka, but that doesn't mean the Japanese Grand Prix was a non-event as far as updates for the remainder of the 2019 season are concerned

Williams trials experimental F1 front wing in Japanese GP practice

Williams trialled a new front wing design during practice for the Japanese Grand Prix, as the team performs development work for its 2020 Formula 1 design concept

Verstappen and Albon trial new Red Bull F1 aero tweaks at Suzuka

Red Bull has emerged at Suzuka with a dramatic new S-duct on its RB15 Formula 1 car, making its first appearance in FP1 ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix

Mercedes brings F1 sidepod aero update to Suzuka to catch Ferrari

Mercedes has made minor tweaks to its sidepod-mounted turning vanes ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix in an effort to close back in on Formula 1 rival Ferrari

The soul-searching that led to Ferrari's drastic turnaround Plus

The soul-searching that led to Ferrari's drastic turnaround

Ferrari was not expected to win in Singapore - it wasn't even expected to be second-best. But it scored its best points haul of the season, which came as a result of a technical review that stemmed from its early season disappointment

Ferrari unveils new Formula 1 nose design for Singapore GP

Ferrari has unveiled a new nosecone design for the Singapore Grand Prix, as the team chases low-speed performance in its endeavour to continue its streak of Formula 1 victories

How 2019 designs were maximised for extreme Monza Plus

How 2019 designs were maximised for extreme Monza

As Monza is the only circuit that really requires Formula 1 cars to find every last bit of speed thanks to its many straights, the designers face a one-off challenge at the Italian Grand Prix every year. Here's what they came up with in 2019

How F1 teams have adapted to low-downforce Monza challenge

Several Formula 1 teams have fitted Monza-specific aerodynamic packages ahead of the Italian Grand Prix, which feature low-downforce wings to reduce drag on the straights

The tech developments F1 made while 'on holiday' Plus

The tech developments F1 made while 'on holiday'

Formula 1 teams must spend two weeks of the annual summer break on a complete factory shutdown, but they still manage to turn up at Spa with plenty of new developments. Here's what the grid brought back from their summer holidays

Tech: How F1 teams counter high-speed Belgian Grand Prix's demands

Multiple Formula 1 teams have been seen with customary low-downforce packages ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix as they react to the demands of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit

F1 2019 tech: Winners, losers and what comes next Plus

F1 2019 tech: Winners, losers and what comes next

Before the 2019 Formula 1 season resumes at Spa this weekend, we review the technical tricks employed by the teams so far, and what to expect from each over the remainder of the year

Piola: Ferrari joins F1's boomerang tech trend Plus

Piola: Ferrari joins F1's boomerang tech trend

From first glimpses of upgrades planned for after the summer break to Ferrari's continued search for more downforce, Hungary offered a wide range of significant upgrades

Analysis: The Mercedes start split that could be crucial in Hungary

Mercedes knows that one of its best opportunities to overhaul Formula 1 rival Max Verstappen and lead the Hungarian Grand Prix will come on the charge to the first corner

Hungarian GP: Ferrari adds 'boomerang' wings to F1 bargeboards

Ferrari has become the latest Formula 1 team to incorporate boomerang-shaped wings into its bargeboard package, and has brought updated aerodynamic components to the Hungarian Grand Prix

Racing Point adds extended F1 suspension upright bracket for Hungary

Racing Point has brought a new suspension upgrade to the Hungarian Grand Prix, becoming the latest Formula 1 team to add an extended upright bracket to the pushrod

Piola: Haas's package conundrum has no end in sight Plus

Piola: Haas's package conundrum has no end in sight

A double points finish at Hockenheim was a timely boost for Haas, even if Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen did make contact again. But while it gathered valuable data, the Formula 1 outfit appears to have made little progress in solving its flaws

German GP: Bodywork overhaul focus of Racing Point's F1 upgrade

Racing Point has brought a new upgrade package to Formula 1's German Grand Prix, as the team seeks to "bring balance" to its RP19 car

The German GP updates beneath Mercedes F1 team's anniversary livery

Mercedes has unveiled a number of new updates for its home Formula 1 race at Hockenheim, including a new turning vane assembly, front wing and bodywork

Piola: Visualising 2021 F1 cars using initial FIA details of plans

Although Formula 1's 2021 rules have not yet been finalised, the ideas are advanced enough for technical expert Giorgio Piola to imagine how the new generation of cars will look

Piola: How new parts will influence 2020 designs Plus

Piola: How new parts will influence 2020 designs

From a look at what Williams's updates tell us about the evolutionary approach Formula 1 teams may take with their 2020 cars to Red Bull's floor fins, we examine the best of the British Grand Prix updates on display at Silverstone last weekend

Piola: F1 teams' low-downforce changes for high-speed Silverstone

As the journey to Silverstone is short for most Formula 1 teams, bringing new parts is not nearly as complex as shipping them to far-flung corners of the Earth

British GP: Williams reveals new F1 bargeboard package at Silverstone

Williams has arrived at Silverstone with a new bargeboard package for the British Grand Prix, as it seeks to reinvigorate a difficult Formula 1 season at its home race

Piola: How F1 teams coped in the Austrian heat Plus

Piola: How F1 teams coped in the Austrian heat

The European heatwave impacted on the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring, and arguably cost Mercedes its perfect start to the 2019 season. Here's how the grid coped with the sweltering conditions

Piola: Ferrari tries to cut F1 2019 downforce deficit in Austria

Ferrari trialled a new set of nose-mounted turning vanes in practice for the Austrian Grand Prix in a bid to end its current Formula 1 win drought

Piola: Did French GP updates match "substantial" promises? Plus

Piola: Did French GP updates match "substantial" promises?

Sweeping aerodynamic changes were expected from some teams ahead of the French Grand Prix. Using Giorgio Piola's images, we assess whether those claims stood up, as well as analysing the success of the new parts that did make it to Paul Ricard

Renault F1 team's "substantial" French GP update given debut in FP1

Renault has revealed a number of new parts that constitute its "substantial" French Grand Prix Formula 1 upgrade package as it aims to draw clear of the midfield order

Ferrari brings new 2019 F1 front wing to French GP

Ferrari has brought a new front wing to the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard that features detail changes to its current Formula 1 concept

Nosejobs, new fins and more - Piola on Canada tech intrigue Plus

Nosejobs, new fins and more - Piola on Canada tech intrigue

Mercedes stole the headlines with its upgraded engine and theories about its slow speed corner performance, but there were several other tech upgrades introduced at the Canadian Grand Prix that caught the eye

Giorgio Piola: How Formula 1 teams are changing wings for Canada

Multiple Formula 1 teams have redefined their rear wing designs ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix in a quest to find more straightline performance at the Montreal circuit