Piquet Pleased with Front Row Spot

Q: You've got to be happy with that one - a front row start

Nelson Piquet Jr: I am very happy - I think I could have gone a bit quicker but I had someone in front of me and lost maybe two or three tenths, so that's why I'm happy - I could have had pole. We'll work on the car for the race now, because it's much different, and I hope that everything will go well.

Q: You know this circuit really well - how has that helped you today?

Piquet: For sure it's going to help, and I think I drove quite well this time, and I admit that I drove better than in qualifying at Magny Cours! I think it all works out when you feel good in the car, you're concentrated and do a good lap - it helps. I know the circuit quite well, so I know which kerbs I can get, which ones I can use, so for me it was all moments that I expected to happen.

Q: And how was the car in qualifying?

Piquet: The car was better - I think we can still improve, but in the race it is quite different because the tyres get old, and if you get the best out of it for a long duration then the tyres can last, even for one more lap. One lap is one lap, but after you've been running with a tyre for 25 laps then if the car is running good it's going to make a big difference.

Q: Starting from the front row gives you a lot of options.

Piquet: Oh yeah - it's much better - you don't get traffic, you're at the head of the race, you don't have to worry about the guys in front of you because you're the one in front, and you can decide when to stop because it's better for you. It's much better!

Q: I don't know if you know, but twenty years ago Keke Rosberg was on pole ahead of your dad - Keke didn't finish but your dad finished fourth. Do you think you can do better?

Piquet: I want to win - I don't want to be fourth! 1985 - that was just when I was born.

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