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Catch A Fire: Interview with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has enjoyed rare media attention well before he came close to a Formula One contract. With McLaren backing since early age and a devoted father as his manager, the Briton has made the most of the opportunities presented to him, demonstrating sheer talent and enthusiasm in every series he's raced in. David Cameron interviewed the GP2 series points leader in Turkey after one of his best races ever. Exclusive for

It's hard to catch Lewis Hamilton these days, on or off the track.

On track, that statement is self-evident: ask Nelson Piquet Jr, who won three perfect races in a row and was still unable to catch Hamilton, after a frankly astonishing race 2 in Istanbul gave the Briton one hand on the championship trophy ahead of this weekend's final round in Monza; ask Franck Perera, who was unable to catch his rival at the Nurburgring despite being able to beat Hamilton almost at will in karts; hell, ask any of his rivals on the GP2 grid.

Off track, it has become almost as hard to catch him, albeit for reasons not of his making. At the start of the season Hamilton made it known that he was looking at GP2 as a two year programme, but his early season success has, paradoxically, put more pressure on the driver to continue in that vein just at a time that rivals Piquet Sports seemed to have found an edge over his ART team.

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