Renault's Magnussen questions severity of his Bahrain GP penalty

Kevin Magnussen has questioned the severity of the penalty he received for failing to stop at the weighbridge during Formula 1 practice in Bahrain

The Renault driver will start Sunday's race from the pitlane as he did not stop at the red traffic light, and his car was then not returned to the FIA garage.

When asked by Autosport if he felt the penalty was harsh, he said: "What is frustrating is that even if I had stopped and got caught for an infringement, say hypothetically I was illegal for being underweight or something, there is no penalty for that in practice," he said.

"So why penalise me so hard because I didn't stop?

"There is no reason for me not to stop, it's not a way of cheating.

"But those are the rules, it's the same for everyone.

"You learn from it and make sure it doesn't happen again."

Magnussen says he believed the red light was for Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat rather himself, which is why he did not stop.

"It was a tough circumstance because normally they don't stop two cars which are right behind each other.

"In this case, I didn't actually miss the red light, I just thought it was for someone else, which it was, but it was also for me.

"It was the both of us. I was correct in saying it was for Kvyat but I didn't know it was for me as well. It's difficult to know."

In the past, teams have sent the car back down the pitlane to be weighed if required but Renault did not do this.

"It wasn't communicated from the FIA to the guys that I needed to be on the weighbridge, that is something that was unlucky," Magnussen said.

"But they don't have to do that, you have to stop at the weighbridge. It's my responsibility. I'd say it's extremely unlucky."

Magnussen said the system should be made clearer as to which driver is requested to come into the pits.

"It would be nice if underneath the red light there was a board that said 'Magnussen' or the number 20," he said.

"That's necessary. I'm sure that could be done.

"I will raise it [at the next drivers meeting]."

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