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Virgin to shift focus after Silverstone

Virgin will introduce its final major upgrade package of the 2011 season at next month's British Grand Prix as it switches its focus onto next year's car

Canada Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "I would say today was a bit of a crash fest, and that messed up our programme quite a bit, especially in the second practice. In the morning we were just trying to evaluate a bit of downforce and I think we got enough data to be able to work on a reasonable setup for the rest of the weekend. The second practice was all about trying to see how the tyres behave here on a long run. Unfortunately due to the red flags we were not able to complete a proper run and I had to rush to try to get at least a run on the Super Softs. The weather looks like it might play its part in what could be an interesting rest of the weekend, so I think we can expect an exciting race."

Glock: Virgin right to split with Wirth

Timo Glock has backed the Virgin team's decision to part company with Wirth Research

Canada preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "I have very good memories from Canada, but not only because I like the track but because I have had some of my best results here, with points in my Formula One debut in 2004, second in Champ Car a year later and fourth in F1 in 2008 where I also led the race for some laps. So it's always special to come here to Montreal and I love the city also. It has a really exciting vibe and everyone loves to experience time after time

Virgin parts company with Wirth

Virgin has parted company with technical director Nick Wirth following its disappointing start to the season

Monaco Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - DNF: "I was having a good race until the problem with the rear suspension. Even though the cars in front were slightly quicker, we were keeping up with them and we could have a bit of a fight. But unfortunately the right rear push-rod was damaged and collapsed in the chicane in the harbour - lucky it happened at a slow part of the track. So it's a bit disappointing after what has been a good weekend for us. We had a good qualifying yesterday and today we had a good possibility to finish the race. Unfortunately this was not the case. I want to thank the team for a good weekend after two very busy weeks for all of us."

Monaco Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "That was pretty much the perfect Saturday for me. Free Practice went well this morning and that was one of the best qualifying laps I've ever driven here at Monaco. I put everything into it. A couple of times I just brushed the wall and had a couple of slides close to the barriers and in the end I just got a massive lap out of it. Just before the crucial lap I said to my engineers "This is all or nothing", and it turned out to be four tenths quicker than the lap before! Big thanks to the team - they did a good job and I took my chance to make a bit of a difference. In the end we are only a tenth away from one of the Toro Rossos and right with Lotus, so I'm quite happy with my job today."

Monaco Thursday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 21st: "I think it was a fairly good day. It was my first time round Monaco in a Formula One car and it went pretty well. We got some good data from the long runs but it will be a bit strange not getting in the car tomorrow and instead have to wait until Saturday morning. Of course we still have to go through the data and work out where we can pick up some time, but for a first day, I'm quite happy."

Spain Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 19th: "I had a reasonable race - although it was a bit of a struggle going into turn one. Liuzzi got past me as he had a better line but I got past him after the first pitstop, which was good as it meant that we could then go at our own pace. In general I think we got the best out of the car today and we had a good strategy in terms of managing the traffic, so overall I'm quite happy with my day."

Spain Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 20th: "I think we had a good qualifying today. We had a bit of trouble with the first set of tyres as they didn't work as they should and I was a little worried. The second lap was pretty spot on I have to say, although I made a small mistake in turn 7 as I was pushing so hard. We spent pretty much the whole of Friday not being able to concentrate on set-up and it's been quite hard to get the old package working well again. We tried our best this morning and in the end it wasn't too bad in qualifying. Now we have to focus on the race and just stay positive as we chip away at improving the car step by step."

Spain Friday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 21st: "I personally had a good day; it was really about analysing different compounds, especially with the new hard tyre that we've been given here. I did some long runs at the end on them, and I think that was quite useful. I think it's very important that we all sit down together now, and really see what's happening on Timo's car with the new package. That's really the next step for us, we need to combine my work with Timo's and see what we can come up with for tomorrow."

Spain preview quotes: Virgin

John Booth: "We head to Barcelona this week optimistic that we can continue to make another step forward. We had a positive aero test at Idiada last weekend, which we hope will help us extract more from our upgrade package at the Circuit de Catalunya

Quaife-Hobbs pleased with Virgin run

GP3 driver Adrian Quaife-Hobbs made his Formula 1 debut yesterday when he carried out a straightline aero test for Virgin at Idiada in Spain

Glock concerned about Virgin's form

Timo Glock fears his Virgin Racing team will struggle to qualify for races this season if it does not manage to get its latest upgrades working properly

Turkey Sunday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 20th: "It was a good race for me I'd say. Obviously I was pretty much on my own during the race as I was faster than the HRTs. I had a good fight at the beginning then I couldn't keep up with the Lotus cars, but it was good for me to manage the tyres well and be able to change to a two-stop strategy. Overall I'm happy with my performance this weekend - Qualifying in particular - and the team has worked very well. I'm looking forward to working with them to develop the whole package and I hope we can take a step forward in Spain."

Turkey Saturday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 20th: "Another good day for me although we had hoped for something a bit better in terms of performance. But that's where we are at present with the new package. We need to keep our heads down and keep pushing forward, keep improving and fine-tuning it to the track. In terms of my own performance I'm happy because I maintained the level I was at in Shanghai, which shows I have learned a lot and also applied what I've learned. But it's a long road for me, I still need to understand why sometimes things go well and sometimes they don't, so I will continue to keep working hard and keep a cool head."

Turkey Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "The weather has made for a difficult start to the weekend. This morning it was very tricky for everyone as there was a lot of standing water everywhere. In the second session we got a better chance to start evaluating the new package, which was really the priority for today because we knew there would be a lot of work to do. There have been some issues we have had to deal with, especially with the exhausts, and once we work through those we will be better off. Overall we need to look at the data we have gathered now to see what we can learn about the new package because, as we predicted, it's not easy getting something so new to work straight out of the box."

Virgin needs more time with updates

Virgin says it will take time to know the extent of the advance it has made with the major aerodynamic upgrade package the team has brought to Turkey, after effective running with it was cut short to just one session because of the poor weather

Virgin aims to 'turn corner' in Turkey

Virgin Racing boss John Booth is hopeful the upgrades to be introduced by his team in the Turkish Grand Prix will help the squad turn the corner following a poor start to the season

Turkey preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "It's good to be racing in Europe again and starting off in Turkey, which is a great track and a lot of fun. The fact that this race is slightly earlier this year should be interesting because it is usually quite hot when we come here. We expect it to be cooler so with the new tyres for this year it is difficult for anyone to predict too much

HRT aims to catch Virgin in Turkey

HRT has set its sights on overhauling nearest competitor Virgin Racing at this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix on the back of a series of updates planned for its car

What's gone wrong at Virgin Plus

What's gone wrong at Virgin

Virgin Racing had high hopes that its second season in Formula 1 would see it move forward into becoming a midfield contender. However, things have not turned out that way – with its MVR-02 lacking performance. Jonathan Noble spoke to team chiefs to find out what has gone wrong

Symonds undertaking review of Virgin

Virgin Racing has asked former Renault technical director Pat Symonds to undertake a full review of its operation in a bid to help turn around its disappointing start to the 2011 campaign, AUTOSPORT has learned

China Sunday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 20th: "I'm very pleased with my race. It's my second finish so I'm happy about that. I think I made progress throughout the whole weekend and my race pace was much better than in the previous two races, which is also good. The first lap was good fun as I had an enjoyable fight with Timo, he got past me, then I passed him and then he overtook me again. It was the sort of racing I like. I can see I'm making improvements and that's the important thing and now I'm looking forward to Turkey."

China Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 22nd: "Overall a better day than yesterday because we were at least able to complete our programme, but we were not able to get the best result in qualifying which is disappointing. I had some warm-up issues on the first run and the tyres were not working really at all on the second, so I have to think the changes we made between free practice and qualifying were not for the better. I think overall we went a little too conservative, but who knows? That might help us in the race. We'll have a good look at the data now and see what that tells us, then look to a good strategy for tomorrow and aim for the chequered flag."

Glock: Virgin needs experienced staff

Virgin Racing must make use of more people with solid Formula 1 experience if it is to turn around its current disappointing form, reckons Timo Glock

China Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 23rd: "Not a great day. We didn't run much today as we had a lot of technical problems. In the first practice I had a problem on the rear end and couldn't do much. In the second practice I had an engine problem so I only did about twelve laps and I haven't been able to do any setup work at all, which is extremely frustrating."

China preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "The Chinese Grand Prix is always a great race and I'm looking forward to competing there again for the fifth time. It's always interesting to come to Shanghai. It's another demanding circuit where you can reach very high speeds on the long back straight between corners 13 and 14 before braking hard at the hairpin turn

Malaysia Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 16th: "I got a good start and got ahead of Trulli in the Lotus into turn one and everything was going well, but I was only able to defend the position for so long before he was able to get past. The car was working well and we were able to look after the tyres, so we were able to stick to a two-stop strategy. My engineer did a great job to get me through the traffic and it was a very straightforward race for me. Great job by the pit stop crew as a very smooth stop helped me to get back out ahead of Trulli. Apart from the steps we still need to make in performance terms, everything is working well, so we are looking forward to what our development package can bring after China in time for Europe."

Malaysia Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "After Free Practice 3 this morning I'd say we had some problems as we couldn't get the car to work like yesterday and we didn't have the same speed. My Race Engineer and Performance Engineer worked very well together to come up with a good solution which ensured we got back the performance level that we had until then. I was a little unlucky on my second set of tyres when I hit traffic with Karthikeyan. I would have found a couple of tenths but this wouldn't have changed our position today. We've done the best we can with the package so as ever we'll be focusing on getting both cars home and making the most of every opportunity that comes our way - one of which may of course be the weather, as there is a chance of rain during the race."

Malaysia Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 19th: "It's difficult to gauge everything that was going on up and down the pitlane today, but I think we had a reasonable day. It's a shame we couldn't get Jerome's car out in the second session, because it would have been good for tyre evaluation. In general I'm happy with how the car is working here, but it's all about the tyres; they are fine for one lap but then drop off and it's all about keeping them alive over a distance. The team did a good job. We were a little late going out in FP2 but overall everything went well. Let's see what tomorrow brings."

Malaysia preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "Malaysia is one of the hardest races on the Formula 1 calendar and one for which fitness is very important. The heat and humidity are really punishing and so this is where the physical training really pays off. I feel like I have got back on track very quickly with the fitness side of things and I am spending the time between Australia and Malaysia making sure I am fully acclimatised and ready for the challenge

Glock worried about Virgin's form

Timo Glock believes Virgin Racing risks failing to qualify for forthcoming grand prix events this year unless significant improvements are made to the performance of their cars

Australia Sunday quotes: Virgin

Jérôme D'Ambrosio - 16th: "I'm really happy to have finished my first Formula One Grand Prix. I started really well and I felt comfortable in the car, even though I think that I could have gone a bit faster at the end of the race. But the most important thing is that we completed the race and this will give me plenty of experience which will be useful for the next races. I would like to thank the team for a great job all weekend. We had a very productive time and we will carry the lessons through to the next race in Malaysia and hopefully start moving forward from there."

Glock hopeful of Virgin progress

Timo Glock is hopeful his Virgin Racing team can make progress this season following a disappointing start to the campaign in Australia

Australia Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "The first weekend of the new season has been a tough test for us and today we got the chance to see where we stand and how we need to move forward. I had a new engineer and a new performance engineer over the winter and together with my car crew they have done a fantastic job in testing and this weekend. At the end of the day though, fighting for a time within 107% of the leaders is not what we're here for and we can see now where we are and what we need to do to progress. We are a really strong team and now we have to bring the car up to where we need it to be. As for tomorrow, the opening race of the season, we will be focusing on staying reliable and bringing both cars to the finish as the reward for everyone's hard work."

Australia Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 22nd: "Not an easy first day. I had a bit of trouble this morning in terms of the setup, and the behaviour of the car was not right, quite difficult. In the second session we made some improvements but the gap to the top guys is quite big and that's a bit disappointing. We have to make the best out of it, get on top of it and make the car quicker."

Q & A: Glock on Virgin's plight

Virgin had a tough start to the 2011 season in Melbourne practice, with both cars a long way off the pace

Glock hopes Virgin can still qualify

Timo Glock thinks Virgin should still be able to qualify for the Australian Grand Prix despite being a long way off the pace in practice, but admits that the team is not in good shape going into the season-opener

Yamamoto joins Virgin as reserve

Sakon Yamamoto will be Virgin Racing's reserve driver for the first three races of the 2011 season, the team announced on Wednesday

Glock: Virgin set to miss early targets

Timo Glock fears that Virgin has not improved enough to join the established midfield runners at the start of the season

Lowdon on the ascent of Virgin Racing Plus

Lowdon on the ascent of Virgin Racing

The 2010 season was a tough introduction to Formula 1 for Virgin Racing, but the team's president Graeme Lowdon is convinced that things are moving forward. He shared his thoughts on the team's future with Jonathan Noble

Kolles: HRT 'will catch' Lotus, Virgin

HRT team boss Colin Kolles sees no reason why his squad cannot overhaul fellow 2010 newcomers Lotus and Virgin in the future, and believes its new F111 will bring up to date with contemporary Formula 1 design after its poor debut year

Virgin sure 2010 issues now resolved

Virgin technical director Nick Wirth says the MVR-02's first week of testing has confirmed hopes that it is a big step forward over the team's 2010 car - and that most of the reliability issues that compromised Virgin's rookie season have been resolved

Symonds takes on Virgin role

Pat Symonds is to return to Formula 1 in a consultancy role after agreeing a deal to help out the Virgin Racing team

Virgin evaluated forward exhausts

Virgin Racing did evaluate whether to incorporate a Renault-style forward-facing exhaust system on its 2011 challenger, but in the end opted to stick with its own, more traditional, blown diffuser solution

Glock: First test crucial for Virgin

Timo Glock says this week's test at Jerez will be crucial for Virgin Racing's attempt to move up the Formula 1 grid this season

Booth: Virgin commitment never waned

Virgin Racing team principal John Booth insists he never once thought about giving up on the challenge of Formula 1, despite the difficulties his outfit faced at the start of last season

Virgin targeting established teams

Virgin Racing can go into its second Formula 1 season expecting to compete against the more established teams on a more equal footing this year, believes team CEO Graeme Lowdon

Virgin launches its new MVR-02

Virgin Racing has launched its second Formula 1 car, the MVR-02, in an event at BBC Television Centre in London

Virgin appoints Ian Phillips as COO

Virgin Racing has undertaken a management reshuffle ahead of the 2011 season, which will see the return to Formula 1 of former Jordan, Midland and Force India commercial chief Ian Phillips

Timo Glock: Why I'm staying at Virgin Plus

Timo Glock: Why I'm staying at Virgin

It's less than two seasons since Timo Glock was fighting for podiums with Toyota, but a year is a long time in sport and the German has spent the last one helping Virgin learn all about F1. Now, he tells Adam Cooper, it's time to reap the rewards

Glock: Virgin will be stronger in '11

Timo Glock is adamant that Virgin Racing can enjoy a 'much stronger' campaign in 2011, after saying that any concerns he had about the outfit's potential have been laid to rest

Virgin predicts 'very big' step forward

Virgin Racing is predicting a 'very big' step forward from its 2011 car as it ramps up preparations for its second season in Formula 1

D'Ambrosio secures Virgin race seat

Jerome D'Ambrosio has secured the second race seat at Virgin Racing for 2011, the team announced on Tuesday

D'Ambrosio hopeful of Virgin race seat

Virgin Formula 1 aspirant Jerome D'Ambrosio hopes he has now done enough to prove to his potential 2011 employer that he is worthy of a race seat next year after his performances in both Friday practice and the rookie tests

Abu Dhabi Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock, DNF: The last race of our debut season was quite interesting. I had good pace and was able to keep speed with Lotus. In the end, unfortunately the gearbox got too hot and failed in the closing stages of the race, so it was disappointing but I still had a good pace and that is a reflection of how much we have developed the car over the year. I would like to thank the whole team and in particular my car crew. They did a very good job and I'm looking forward to working hard to get us in good shape for next year

Abu Dhabi Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "It was a reasonable qualifying in the sense that we got the most from the car, so I am pleased with my performance, although it is disappointing that we were unable to beat Lotus. It's hard to believe but it's the last race of our debut season tomorrow so we obviously hope we can do something in the race and maybe get ahead of the Lotus cars one last time."

Abu Dhabi Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 20th: "Today we had a very straightforward Friday practice session. I was quite happy with the car and did some positive fine tuning. In general it looks like the Prime and Soft tyres are quite difficult to handle over one run. Generally a good start to the weekend."

Virgin: No hurry to sign second driver

Virgin Racing is in no rush to finalise who will drive alongside Timo Glock next season, as the outfit continues to weigh up its options