Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing

Perez impressed by Red Bull F1 team's "flat out" attitude

Sergio Perez says Red Bull’s "flat out" attitude in taking everything to the limit has been a stand out feature for him since joining the Formula 1 team.

Is this Red Bull’s best chance to beat Mercedes? Plus

Is this Red Bull’s best chance to beat Mercedes?

If the winner of pre-season testing can turn its early form into a season-long challenge, then the hegemony of F1’s top team could genuinely be under threat. Both teams are talking up the other as the 2021 season approaches its start, which could mean everything - and nothing

Why Red Bull believes it can break F1’s hybrid-era cycle Plus

Why Red Bull believes it can break F1’s hybrid-era cycle

For the past four seasons Red Bull has come on strong in the final races – but only after starting from a low bar. This year, team principal Christian Horner tells BEN ANDERSON, it’s ready to come tearing out of the blocks…

Verstappen: Red Bull would be "stupid" to think it's ahead of Mercedes

Max Verstappen thinks Red Bull would be "stupid" to think it is heading into this weekend’s Formula 1 season opener ahead of main rival Mercedes.

Verstappen doesn't see himself as 2021 F1 title favourite

Max Verstappen still believes Mercedes is the favourite heading into the new Formula 1 season, downplaying his rivals’ struggles through testing in Bahrain last week.

Perez recalls being ‘kicked out’ of Red Bull junior test

Sergio Perez has recalled being "kicked out" of a Red Bull junior test around 15 years before signing for its Formula 1 team for the 2021 season.

Perez needs five F1 races to get fully up to speed with Red Bull

Sergio Perez believes he will need five races to get fully up to speed with Red Bull in Formula 1 this year, saying he must “be patient”.

Marko hails best ever Red Bull pre-season test

Red Bull has labelled last weekend's pre-season Formula 1 test as the best it has ever had, but it still thinks rival Mercedes has more "up its sleeve".

Verstappen: 2021 pre-season ‘definitely’ my best with Red Bull

Max Verstappen says the last three days of Formula 1 winter testing in Bahrain have "definitely" been his best with Red Bull, but offer no guarantees for the new season.

Mercedes: Data shows we’re not as quick as Red Bull after F1 testing

Mercedes says it has its "work cut out" for the new Formula 1 season after its testing data showed it is not as quick as Red Bull over race runs.

Verstappen refusing to read into Mercedes’ F1 test struggles

Max Verstappen is refusing to read into Mercedes' struggles through Formula 1 pre-season testing in Bahrain, saying Red Bull is not the favourite heading into the opening race.

The secrets of Red Bull's RB16B F1 car revealed

After weeks of secrecy the design tricks of Red Bull's new RB16B challenger are slowly being revealed during Formula 1 pre-season testing. Autosport takes a look at the latest discoveries from the Bahrain paddock.

"Predictable" Red Bull a boost for Verstappen

Max Verstappen suggests Red Bull’s new RB16B Formula 1 car has banished one of the worst traits of last year’s challenger and is now ‘predictable'.

Verstappen "very happy" with F1 test start but downplays Red Bull's pace

Max Verstappen was left feeling "very happy" with his start to Formula 1 pre-season testing after setting the pace for Red Bull on the opening day in Bahrain.

The defining traits that set F1’s best apart Plus

The defining traits that set F1’s best apart

What makes the very best drivers in Formula 1 stand out among what is already a highly elite bunch? ANDREW BENSON takes a closer look at those with the special blend of skill, judgment, feel 
and attitude that sets only a select 
few apart from the rest.

Perez: Red Bull chance will "open many doors" in F1

Sergio Perez believes his chance at Red Bull this season will help "open many doors" for him in Formula 1 in the future

Perez understands struggles to adapt to Red Bull F1 car concept

Sergio Perez says he can understand why drivers have struggled to adjust to Red Bull's Formula 1 car concept, finding it "quite different" to what he has previously driven

Why Verstappen isn't interested in hyping up Red Bull Plus

Why Verstappen isn't interested in hyping up Red Bull

In a pre-season where Red Bull has been unusually quiet, Max Verstappen has also been guarded about the team's fortunes in 2021. Even after trying the RB16B for the first time at Silverstone, the Dutchman was careful to manage expectations

Perez: F1 experience a big weapon in Red Bull fight against Verstappen

Sergio Perez thinks his vast experience in Formula 1 will be a key asset for him at Red Bull as he bids to take the fight to Max Verstappen

Verstappen: Hard to judge Red Bull F1 progress after shakedown run

Max Verstappen says it is hard to judge how much progress Red Bull has made with its new Formula 1 car after only completing a short test using demonstration tyres

Red Bull's missing RB16B fuels F1 tech secret intrigue

Formula 1 teams may be masters of trying to disguise secrets of their new cars when they are first revealed - but Red Bull has taken things to a new level

Perez: Red Bull's 2021 F1 challenger has "good potential"

Sergio Perez feels that Red Bull's new RB16B Formula 1 car has "good potential" after saying its improved grip was noticeable at a filming day on Wednesday

Podcast: What we learned from the Red Bull RB16B F1 car launch

The 2021 Formula 1 team launch season is well underway with Red Bull becoming the latest squad to reveal its new challenger, the RB16B

Perez: "Dream come true" with Red Bull debut in Silverstone F1 test

Sergio Perez called it "a dream come true" to drive a Red Bull Formula 1 car for the first time after completing his first outing for the team at Silverstone

Horner: Red Bull ignoring Verstappen/Mercedes 2022 speculation

Christian Horner says Red Bull will ignore speculation about Mercedes potentially trying to sign Max Verstappen if space opens up in the reigning champion team's Formula 1 driver line-up

Red Bull reveals RB16B Formula 1 car ahead of 2021 season

Red Bull has revealed the first images of its 2021 Formula 1 car, the RB16B

What Red Bull is trying to hide with its RB16B launch Plus

What Red Bull is trying to hide with its RB16B launch

Red Bull made no secret of the fact its 2021 F1 car is an evolution of its predecessor, but in keeping the same foundations while hiding some tightly-guarded updates with its RB16B, the team aims to avoid suffering the same pitfalls of previous years

How Albon plans to fight his way out of Red Bull limbo Plus

How Albon plans to fight his way out of Red Bull limbo

OPINION: Alex Albon has faced the media for the first time since he lost his Red Bull drive at the end of 2020 and dropped out of a Formula 1 race seat altogether. He has a history of bouncing back from setbacks, so here's what he must do to rise again

Red Bull had to fix F1 windtunnel correlation issues with 2020 car

Christian Horner says Red Bull has had to fix a correlation misalignment in its Formula 1 design and windtunnel work, which contributed to its 2020 car problems

Albon: No point 'wallowing about' over lost Red Bull F1 place

Alex Albon says there is no point 'wallowing about' over losing his Red Bull Formula 1 drive, because that will not help him win a race seat back

Horner: Red Bull took "grown-up" call to look outside junior drivers for F1 2021

Christian Horner says Red Bull made a "grown-up" decision to look outside its junior drivers when deciding on its 2021 Formula 1 line-up, where Sergio Perez replaces Alex Albon

Horner: Red Bull's 2020 development "lessons" will be key to 2021 F1 success

Red Bull Formula 1 team boss Christian Horner hopes lessons learned in 2020 addressing the problematic RB16 car will help his team make a sustained challenge to Mercedes in 2021

Red Bull confirms launch date of 2021 F1 challenger

Red Bull will reveal its 2021 Formula 1 challenger next week, with the team announcing a 23 February launch for its new car

Eight things Red Bull must do to beat Mercedes in 2021 Plus

Eight things Red Bull must do to beat Mercedes in 2021

After seven years of defeat at the hands of Mercedes, Red Bull is as hungry as ever to secure a fifth world championship. But there are key challenges it must overcome in 2021 to switch from challenger to conqueror

Norris: Albon's Red Bull exit shows F1 can be "a cruel world"

Lando Norris feels "a bit sorry" for Alexander Albon after losing his Red Bull seat for 2021, but says it shows how Formula 1 can be "a cruel world sometimes"

Horner: Red Bull expects Perez to replicate Verstappen/Ricciardo challenge to Mercedes

Christian Horner expects Red Bull's new Formula 1 line-up of Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen to replicate the challenge it gave Mercedes during the years that Daniel Ricciardo partnered Verstappen

Why Red Bull's Honda takeover is a gamechanger for its F1 mindset Plus

Why Red Bull's Honda takeover is a gamechanger for its F1 mindset

Red Bull's takeover of Honda's Formula 1 engine project has solved a potential short-term headache Honda's withdrawal at the end of 2021 would have caused. But, in taking destiny into its own hands, it could have a positive long-term impact too

Red Bull open to producing its own F1 engines from 2025

Red Bull has given the firmest indication yet it will look to produce its own Formula 1 engine when new rules come in to play in 2025

Verstappen has performance clause in current Red Bull F1 contract

Red Bull has confirmed Max Verstappen has a performance clause in his Formula 1 contract and believes he will be top of Mercedes' list if Lewis Hamilton quits after 2021

Red Bull reveals naming plan for engines after Honda power unit takeover

Red Bull has revealed that its future Formula 1 engines will take the moniker of the energy drinks company, as it ruled out selling on the naming rights

Red Bull to take over Honda F1 power unit operation from 2022

Red Bull has announced it will continue to use Honda's Formula 1 power units until 2025, forming a new operations called Red Bull Powertrains Limited

The good and bad news for Red Bull in F1’s engine freeze

After months of back-and-forth between Formula 1 teams, an agreement was reached last week to introduce an engine development freeze from 2022

Domenicali urges F1 teams to back Red Bull's engine freeze call

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has urged teams to back Red Bull's call for an engine freeze for the good of the series, ahead of a crunch meeting next week

Red Bull now "much stronger opponent" in F1 with Perez - Wolff

Mercedes Formula 1 boss Toto Wolff expects Red Bull to be a "much stronger opponent" in 2021 after signing Sergio Perez to partner Max Verstappen

Red Bull's ultimatum on 2022 F1 engine freeze not "blackmail" - Marko

Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko says the team's stance on the proposed 2022 Formula 1 engine freeze is not a case of "blackmail"

Red Bull F1 driver Perez felt like 'stupidest guy on earth' when he got COVID

Red Bull's Sergio Perez said he felt like 'the stupidest guy on earth' last year when he became the first Formula 1 driver to catch COVID-19

Perez already working on "some good ideas" to help Red Bull ahead of F1 2021

Sergio Perez says he is already working with Red Bull on a number of ideas that he thinks can help the Formula 1 team make a step forward in 2021

The change that could solve Red Bull's slow start trait in F1

Max Verstappen's victory in last year's Formula 1 finale in Abu Dhabi lifted hopes within Red Bull that it finally had a car for a full-on title challenge in 2021

AlphaTauri move to Red Bull windtunnel offers 'big advantage’

AlphaTauri believes switching to Red Bull's 60% Formula 1 windtunnel for this year will offer a "big advantage" in designing its 2022 car

Verstappen: Red Bull could have dominated F1 without turbo hybrid switch

Max Verstappen thinks that Red Bull would have enjoyed Mercedes levels of dominance in Formula 1 if the turbo hybrid rules had not been introduced

How a fallen Red Bull F1 hope became a Porsche great Plus

How a fallen Red Bull F1 hope became a Porsche great

Without an innocuous clash in a 2007 GP2 race, F1 history could have been very different with a German Red Bull Junior not called Sebastian Vettel ascending to Toro Rosso that year. Here's how he rebuilt himself to win four titles in as many years

Tost doubts Red Bull would let Gasly leave AlphaTauri F1 team easily

Franz Tost would not be surprised to see Formula 1 rivals show interest in signing Pierre Gasly, but doubts Red Bull would be willing to let him leave AlphaTauri easily

Verstappen: Red Bull F1 car problems exaggerated in the media

Max Verstappen says Red Bull's aero problems with its RB16 last year were made bigger in the media than the team felt inside

Marko explains why Russell was never a Red Bull 2021 F1 option

Red Bull says George Russell's close ties to Mercedes meant he was never on its radar as a replacement for Alex Albon for the 2021 Formula 1 season

Red Bull explains team bosses photo with Perez at Abu Dhabi GP

Red Bull has explained the background to a photo of Sergio Perez with team chiefs in Abu Dhabi, taken prior to him being announced as its 2021 Formula 1 driver

Perez's knowledge of Mercedes F1 engine a factor in Red Bull signing

Red Bull says Sergio Perez's vast experience of the Mercedes Formula 1 engine was an important factor in it electing to sign the Mexican for next year

Red Bull open to lending out Albon to other F1 teams

Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko says the squad would be open to lending out Alex Albon to other Formula 1 teams in 2021 if they needed a replacement driver

Red Bull could build its own F1 power units under new regulations

Red Bull is considering building its own Formula 1 engine when new cheaper power unit rules come in to play by 2026 at the latest

How Red Bull fell short of challenging for the 2020 title Plus

How Red Bull fell short of challenging for the 2020 title

This was supposed to be the Formula 1 season when Red Bull gave Mercedes a run for its money. Instead, the next-best team fell short - until the final race of 2020 in Abu Dhabi

Red Bull's 2021 F1 car needs to be more of an all-rounder - Horner

Red Bull believes it needs to create more of an all-rounder car next year if it wants to challenge Mercedes for the Formula 1 world championship