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Revealed: What F1 teams really spent in 2017 Our annual study of Formula 1 budgets looks at the ups and downs of Liberty Media's first year in ch... 1514419200 F1
Why F1 is sitting on a timebomb of contradictions Formula 1 faces a series of 'Who?', 'What?', 'Where?', 'When?', 'Why?' and 'How?' questions as it bi... 1513123200 F1
How teams lost patience with F1's new era The 2017 season brought seismic change to Formula 1 - goodbye Bernie Ecclestone, hello Liberty Media... 1512518400 F1
Why Todt's reign is eight years longer than planned Jean Todt was only supposed to serve one term as FIA president, but in December will start his third... 1511913600 F1
The change F1 must make to bring back classic races A bit of social media fun revealed the thirst Formula 1 fans have for older circuits that have falle... 1511308800 F1
Why F1 should scrap the Brazilian GP Elements of the Brazilian GP weekend put the race in the headlines for the wrong reasons. But that i... 1510704000 F1
Why Ferrari's quit threat should be taken seriously The public backlash to Ferrari's latest Formula 1 quit threat was obvious. But can F1's bosses risk ... 1510099200 F1
Red Bull's flawed approach has emptied its talent pool Red Bull has spent a fortune on young driver development in the last decade. So why did it have to r... 1509494400 F1
Why F1 has two weeks to decide its future Formula 1's long-running saga to decide its post-V6 turbo-hybrid era is due to come to an end, but m... 1508889600 F1
The blunders that left F1 chasing its tail F1 has chased its tail over the last decade when it comes to finding new venues for the calendar. Is... 1508284800 F1
The road-car fad F1 must avoid at all costs The seemingly never-ending topic of F1's road relevance will probably influence its next decision on... 1507680000 F1
How F1 is creating its secret stars of the future Navigating the junior racing categories to make it into Formula 1 as a driver is hard enough, but to... 1507248000 F1
The paradox that could fix F1's biggest flaw The announcement that Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi was becoming CEO of Roborace raised eyebrow... 1505865600 FE
Why F1's lost promise is a reality again No, you've not gone back in time - a budget cap is back on Formula 1's agenda. It won't be immediate... 1505347200 F1
Why a Formula 1 fan revolution is coming Formula 1 needs less talk and more action from those at the top. It's going in the right direction, ... 1504656000 F1
Has F1's new owner made a difference in its first year? One year ago, Liberty Media took charge of Formula 1. What has it achieved? And more to the point, w... 1504051200 F1
How McLaren is spinning off into a technology giant The house that Bruce McLaren built got bigger under Ron Dennis - and it's getting bigger still. McLa... 1503446400 F1
Why the F1 ladder can't produce new grand prix teams The days of junior teams stepping up to Formula 1 appear long gone. And the reason behind the lack o... 1502841600 F1

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