Q & A with Nelson Piquet Jr

Q. Another tough weekend for you here in Hungary

Nelson Piquet Jr: Yes. It all started in qualifying - I think I made a mistake in qualifying and I didn't put the lap together, so I started at the back for the first race, and unluckily one of the wires caught fire [in race one] and the engine went off, and then for the second race I didn't make a great start, and wherever you start in the second race is about where you're going to stay. So it wasn't a good weekend, and the car wasn't well set up because we're playing around a lot with that - we're not doing that well in the championship so I'm kind of risking things on the set up quite a bit to see if we can find some time. Things aren't really going our way - I think it's a bit my fault and a bit the team's fault, but it's kind of a worry and I think that maybe my head isn't working a hundred percent at the track because things are not going in the right direction or going well.

Q. What can you do to get the season back on track?

Piquet: Everything has to go well - I have to do a good qualifying session and start at the front, the car cannot break and the set up has to work - everything has to be perfect to get a victory.

Q. The problem this far into the season is that everyone knows their cars really well, so it has to be at pretty much one hundred percent on every aspect to do well now. How frustrating is it to be in this position this far into the year and not be able to do that?

Piquet: Very frustrating - I was planning to, well, maybe not win the championship, but depending on how good the team was performing to be in the top four or five, but even that's quite difficult. To tell you the truth it's quite worrying - today Piccione and Monfardini were pushing me in the race, and that's something that should never happen - I'm not saying that they're not good drivers, but ... you know, you can see it - it's visible.

Q. I assume at the start of the year you had a two year programme in GP2, with the possibility of shortening it if things went well. Are you still planning to do that?

Piquet: It depends - probably I hope it does, but you never know - things can change, suddenly and quickly.

Q. Do you get to take a holiday now before Turkey?

Piquet: Not really - I'm just going back to Oxford now.

Q. Being at home would be like a holiday after four weekends racing this month.

Piquet: Yeah. The whole year is like a holiday if you don't need to work to make money - that's like a holiday!

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