Q & A with Alex Premat

Q. Third place today - how was your race?

Alex Premat: The race was really good - I started seventh and I finished third - but it was not enough because I wanted to finish second to take third place in the championship. But this is my first year, and I have never been to Formula One like Speed, Kovalainen and Rosberg, as well as Carroll, Pantano and Bruni. I think the race was really hard because I pushed really hard to find second place, but at the end of the race the car was really difficult to drive and the gap to Viso was really far - at the end of the race I tried to overtake him, but it was too short to overtake him and I needed maybe three of four more laps to do it.

Q. You seemed to catch up to Scott, who was a lap down, in the closing stages - were there any problems there for you?

Premat: No, no problem - he slowed down only one time in the first corner, and maybe I lost one second or a little more, but this is a race. He drove alone just to get the fastest lap and I drove to get positions, which is a bit more of a race.

Q. You got past a lot of guys fairly easily, but were stuck behind Viso for a long time - why was that?

Premat: Yeah, it was a different story with Viso because he was really fast in the first corner, and I came up to him but in the first corner my car was really hard to drive, so the gap was bigger in the first corner than in the third sector. I could really only try once to overtake him, around the outside, but it was impossible to overtake him.

Q. Nevertheless, are you happy with your work today?

Premat: For sure I am happy with this result, but it's not enough!

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