Miller and Zarco pushed for Silverstone MotoGP race to happen

Jack Miller and Johann Zarco were the only MotoGP riders present in an emergency riders' safety commission at Silverstone who wanted the British Grand Prix to proceed

After hours of delays due to rain - and with the newly relaid Silverstone track surface not draining properly - it was decided by the riders, in consultation with race direction, to abandon the event.

Pramac Ducati rider Miller was one of the most vocal proponents in favour of the race going ahead, but was overruled by the overwhelming majority of riders present in the meeting.

He said Tito Rabat's leg-breaking crash in practice on Silverstone had influenced the other riders' decision.

"It's a case of the guys don't want to ride," Miller told BT Sport.

"They are not happy with how the asphalt was working in terms of the drainage, and because of the accident yesterday involving Tito.

"It's a shame for me, cancelling it already. We were talking about waiting for the weather to clear up a little bit and stuff like that."

Asked if he was the only rider in favour of going ahead with the race, Miller responded: "Myself and Johann."

Zarco's Tech3 team boss Herve Poncharal - who is also president of teams' association IRTA - confirmed the Frenchman had expressed a desire to race.

"Clearly, it's not a good feeling," Poncharal told BT Sport. "We've been waiting all day long to try to race.

"I think the light is enough to race, with their schedule where we had a shorter race that was still possible. It's wet but there is no standing water on track.

"The riders decided they don't want to race. It's a pity for me, in respect of the crowd who were spending the whole day waiting."

Although a plan to race on Monday - which is a public holiday in the UK - was discussed by teams and MotoGP officials, this was ultimately rejected.

Poncharal said this was influenced by some factory teams, some of which are scheduled to test at Aragon next week, although it is understood a lack of available marshals could have also posed an obstacle.

"We were pushing for that, to race tomorrow," he added.

"We did it in Qatar a few years ago.

"But that was rejected. It had to be a unanimous decision, and a few factory teams didn't want to do it tomorrow, so it didn't happen."

Not every rider was present at the meeting, with Valentino Rossi choosing to skip it and accept the verdict of the majority and Andrea Dovizioso reportedly not being informed about it in time.

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