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Alejandro Agag: Achieving the pinnacle of street racing construction

Looking back on Zurich, I think it was an incredible success. It was the most well-organised race we have held, but it was also one of the most challenging to co-ordinate

Alejandro Agag column: FE currently in a real growth phase

It was a great moment for us to 'officially' welcome Nico Rosberg to Formula E in Berlin, and for him to drive the new 'Gen2' car

Alejandro Agag column: OEM influx creating new opportunities for FE

We're getting towards the sharp end of this year's championship now with only four races to go, but already I'm excited about season six

Alejandro Agag column: Season five FE race format will blow minds

A friend of mine was in the grandstand in Rome and told me that there was a 10-year-old fan behind her who knew absolutely everything about Formula E - which drivers were which, all the different cars - and all the adults were listening to this kid. I think that's a great symbol of how Formula E is capturing the imagination of younger people

Alejandro Agag column: The plans for Formula E's new era

Season five will be, if you like, the coming of age for Formula E - it will be the start of a new era for us

Why FE must plan to survive its own success Plus

Why FE must plan to survive its own success

More manufacturers than any other category and plenty of others in talks - Formula E has enjoyed quite the turnaround in four years. Here, co-founder Alejandro Agag explains the series' plan to keep things moving forward