Motorsport Network and Difuzed launch joint venture for merchandising and licensing business

Partnering with leading licensing company Difuzed BV, the joint venture will begin with the launch of a new line of motorsport apparel.

Motorsport Network and Difuzed launch joint venture for merchandising and licensing business.

London, Tuesday 9th March 2021: Motorsport Network has partnered with leading licensing company Difuzed BV to launch a new apparel line and business division: Motorsport Collection B.V.

The first project under the joint venture will be the launch of the Motorsport Collection product line, which will include apparel, accessories, and headwear. The first release of the apparel line will be launched at Motorsport Network’s online marketplace ASI Connect in March.

With 20 years of experience in the lifestyle product business, Difuzed BV brings a wealth of knowledge to the new Motorsport Network division with design-led product development. The company has a strong understanding of building the bridge between a brand and its audience to provide not only lifestyle products that epitomize quality and innovation but appeal to the fanbase. Big in the gaming and entertainment sectors, Difuzed’s current brand partners include: Marvel, Disney, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo, as well as the big retailers Inditex and H&M.

Gustavo Antonioni, COO of Difuzed BV said: “As part of our strategic growth, we are looking for partnerships that complement and strengthen our business. Given the opportunity to create a business in collaboration with Motorsport Network and their vision of a global digital portal for car and racing enthusiasts, it was only natural that we bring our expertise in design-led product development and manufacturing into the automobile and motorsport worlds to create a brand that is jointly owned by Motorsport Network and Difuzed BV. The Difuzed BV/Motorsport Network partnership is exactly the sort of marriage we are looking for as it capitalizes on our combined strengths.”

Oliver Ciesla, COO of Motorsport Network said: “We are excited to launch a bespoke fashion line designed for motorsport fans and car lovers and extremely pleased to have Difuzed BV by our side. More than 50 million people that share the passion for racing, motorsport tradition, and exceptional cars are following us on one of our digital channels every month. Our collections want to express a lifestyle of speed, strength, and courage and we want to offer motorsport fans an opportunity to express their passion also through fashion. But our product launch is only the first step of this joint venture and we look forward to working closely with Difuzed BV moving into the future as we establish the Motorsport Collection business.”


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About Difuzed BV

Difuzed BV having been in the licensing business for over 20 years, has mastered the craft of bringing entertainment, gaming, and global brands to life. Serving as an extension of the brands, Difuzed BV has been able to strengthen the awareness and loyalty of their carefully thought-out designs through top-quality lifestyle products, giving the fans the perfect mix of fun, distinctiveness, and value. Their collections of coordinated apparel, accessories, and headwear are unique and sought after by gaming and entertainment fans.


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