Hubert tops final day of pre-season testing, Ferrari's Ilott second

ART Grand Prix's Antoine Hubert set the fastest time on the final day of pre-season GP3 testing at Barcelona, ahead of his team-mate and Ferrari Formula 1 junior Callum Ilott

Hubert - the highest placed driver in last year's standings to return to GP3 for 2018 - set his best time of 1m31.751s in the morning session.

Ilott also finished runner-up in the times on the previous day behind Campos Racing driver Leonardo Pulcini, and his quickest lap from Wednesday was 0.029s adrift of the top spot.

Completing the top three in Wednesday morning's session was another ART driver - Jake Hughes - who was 0.232s adrift of Hubert and ahead of Dorian Boccolacci (MP Motorsport) and Pulcini.

In Wednesday's afternoon session, Trident's Pedro Piquet and Tatiana Calderon of Jenzer Motorsport both spent time at the top of the leaderboard, but a late lap from 2017 Silverstone reverse-grid winner Giuliano Alesi, sent the Trident driver to the top of the board.

Calderon maintained second in the afternoon times ahead of Piquet, while Juan Manuel Correa and top Arden driver Joey Mawson rounded out the top five.

The laptimes in the afternoon were over a second slower than the morning's running for most drivers.

Alesi's benchmark - a 1m32.901 - was 1.149s slower than Hubert's fastest time of the day.

Alessio Lorandi's running on Wednesday was curtailed thanks to an engine failure on his Trident-run car during the morning running.

He therefore finished at the bottom of the times in both sessions after not getting out on-track during the afternoon.

The test was the final outing for the teams and drivers before the season kicks off at the same venue, on the support bill for the Spanish Grand Prix, on May 11-13.

Day two morning results

Pos Driver Team Gap Laps
1 Anthoine Hubert ART Grand Prix 1m31.751s 54
2 Callum Ilott ART Grand Prix 0.029s 57
3 Jake Hughes ART Grand Prix 0.232s 57
4 Dorian Boccolacci MP Motorsport 0.298s 44
5 Leonardo Pulcini Campos Racing 0.322s 43
6 Nikita Mazepin ART Grand Prix 0.539s 45
7 Tatiana Calderon Jenzer Motorsport 0.627s 35
8 Giuliano Alesi Trident 0.632s 36
9 Julien Falchero Arden International 0.667s 50
10 Niko Kari MP Motorsport 0.728s 49
11 Pedro Piquet Trident 0.733s 49
12 Simo Laaksonen Campos Racing 0.769s 38
13 Will Palmer MP Motorsport 0.828s 49
14 David Beckmann Jenzer Motorsport 0.882s 46
15 Juan Manuel Correa Jenzer Motorsport 1.052s 41
16 Joey Mawson Arden International 1.088s 40
17 Diego Menchaca Campos Racing 1.163s 35
18 Ryan Tveter Trident 1.186s 41
19 Gabriel Aubry Arden International 1.641s 51
20 Alessio Lorandi Trident 11.358s 3

Day two afternoon results

Pos Driver Team Gap Laps
1 Giuliano Alesi Trident 1m32.901s 44
2 Tatiana Calderon Jenzer Motorsport 0.253s 33
3 Pedro Piquet Trident 0.355s 50
4 Juan Manuel Correa Jenzer Motorsport 0.495s 32
5 Joey Mawson Arden International 0.705s 34
6 David Beckmann Jenzer Motorsport 0.710s 40
7 Diego Menchaca Campos Racing 0.734s 50
8 Ryan Tveter Trident 0.818s 49
9 Simo Laaksonen Campos Racing 0.901s 55
10 Gabriel Aubry Arden International 1.288s 43
11 Nikita Mazepin ART Grand Prix 1.503s 38
12 Jake Hughes ART Grand Prix 1.823s 40
13 Dorian Boccolacci MP Motorsport 2.059s 42
14 Leonardo Pulcini Campos Racing 2.177s 36
15 Niko Kari MP Motorsport 2.402s 41
16 Will Palmer MP Motorsport 2.454s 41
17 Callum Ilott ART Grand Prix 2.532s 37
18 Anthoine Hubert ART Grand Prix 2.598s 41
19 Julien Falchero Arden International 2.728s 39

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