Grosjean says he is not thinking of a future outside Lotus F1 team

Romain Grosjean insists he is not giving any thoughts to a future outside of Lotus, despite rival Formula 1 teams sounding him out

Lotus owner Gerard Lopez revealed in the build-up to the Monaco Grand Prix that rival outfits had approached him about Grosjean's availability for 2015.

That situation means that Lotus could have a fight on its hands to keep hold of Grosjean if it does not deliver progress on track this year.

But despite the interest, Grosjean says his focus is firmly on helping Lotus rediscover the form that helped it challenge for victories at the end of last year.

When asked by AUTOSPORT about the speculation surrounding him, Grosjean said: "It's nice to know that.

"I want to be world champion so I want to win races and that's what we are going to try to achieve in the future.

"At the moment there are enough corners in Monaco to [not have to] think about it and it's still very early.

"But the best I can do is try to bring the whole team back to the top.

"Where we started in Australia to where we were in Barcelona is very good progression - and that's the best I can do. I want to make everyone here as good as we can be."

Realistically, there are not many options outside of Lotus that would guarantee Grosjean a step forward.

Red Bull and Mercedes have no vacancies, with both teams keeping the same driver line-ups for next season.

McLaren and Ferrari may have vacancies, but both outfits are in the process of restructurings that could take time to yield results.

Grosjean is adamant that despite Lotus's difficult start to this year, it could still end the campaign as the third best outfit behind Mercedes and Red Bull.

"Mercedes is clearly a big step ahead and then there is Red Bull, which was the team to beat last year," he said.

"So if we can get behind Red Bull it would be nice, [and] probably the same as last year in terms of performance.

"But at the moment we need to keep working and keep trying to understand what we can do to make the car even better. "

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