Fernando Alonso requests 14 as his Formula 1 car number

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso has become the latest Formula 1 driver to confirm the number he has requested for the 2014 season

As part of a new regulations to be introduced next year, drivers will carry permanent numbers in F1.

Every driver has been asked to choose their race number, between #2 and #99, while #1 will be reserved for the world champion should he want it.

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The FIA has requested all drivers to nominate their preferred number, along with a second and third choice, to be lodged before Christmas.

Alonso said on Friday he will choose #14.

"I will use 14," Alonso told reporters in Madrid. "It has been my lucky number since 1996, when, while I was 14, on July 14 and with kart number 14 I won the world championship.

"Since then I have always used 14. Hopefully it will be lucky next year."

Alonso's new team-mate Kimi Raikkonen has chosen #7, while his former team-mate Felipe Massa will use #19 at Williams. His team-mate Valtteri Bottas has chosen #77.

Other drivers who have revealed the numbers they want include Nico Rosberg (#6, #5 or #8), Sergio Perez (#11), Jean-Eric Vergne (#21, #25 or #27).

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