Brundle expecting Hamilton to win with Mercedes in 2013

Martin Brundle says it will be a surprise if Lewis Hamilton does not win a grand prix with Mercedes in 2013

Hamilton is preparing for his first season in Formula 1 away from McLaren, as he takes the place of Michael Schumacher at the Ross Brawn-led team.

Mercedes took its first win last year since returning to the sport with a factory team in 2010. However, the outfit slumped to fifth in the constructors' championship, its lowest finish in the same period.

Hamilton has played down his hopes for this year, but Brundle believes the 2008 world champion will be a winner in 2013.

"Lewis has taken a gamble, but I think Mercedes will be a lot better in 2013 and I wouldn't be surprised to see him win a race, not in the slightest," he said on the AUTOSPORT Stage with KX at AUTOSPORT International.

"In fact, I would be surprised if he doesn't win a race in 2013.

"Lewis has got such pace, and if Mercedes can harness that speed and give him the car, he will drag another quarter of a second per lap out of it somewhere."

Brundle thinks Hamilton would have been better off staying at McLaren for a bit longer, but he wouldn't go as far as suggesting the Briton had made the wrong decision.

"It's not for me to be judgemental of Lewis," he said. "He is right to do what he feels best.

"Had I been managing him I think I would have said 'let's do a short-term deal at McLaren and then see what is out there and who is moving around'.

"But time will tell. I wasn't sure Jenson Button was right to go to McLaren but he was. I don't like guessing, I like waiting to see what happens."

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