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Hayden Paddon was due to return to the World Rally Championship in Finland, but this test crash means he won't even take the start (Images courtesy of Ylivaa Media) 1 / 9
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Paddon hit a rock as he came over a crest in Monday's test, in an impact that ripped the M-Sport Ford's sumpguard in half and sent the car off into the trees (Images courtesy of Ylivaa Media) 2 / 9
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Paddon was testing in the car he was set to use for the rally rather than a test chassis (Images courtesy of Ylivaa Media) 3 / 9
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Paddon's Finland outing with M-Sport was supposed to be his way back into the WRC after parting with Hyundai (Images courtesy of Ylivaa Media) 4 / 9
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M-Sport immediately investigated whether it would be possible to repair the car or get a replacement out to Finland in time, but quickly concluded neither option would be possible (Images courtesy of Ylivaa Media) 5 / 9
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'It's so frustrating,' M-Sport team principal Rich Millener told Autosport. 'The car needs a jig and we don't have one and, even if we had a car built and ready to go, it would take three and a half days to get it out there. It's simply not possible.' (Images courtesy of Ylivaa Media) 6 / 9
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'After the accident I thought about things and asked myself: 'So, what would I have done differently?'' Paddon told Autosport. 'And the answer is actually nothing. That's one of the things that's actually so hard.' (Images courtesy of Ylivaa Media) 7 / 9
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'We hit the rock right in the middle of the car and it just threw us off line and straight into the trees,' Paddon explained. 'At that speed, on a narrow piece of road like that, there's nothing you can do.' (Images courtesy of Ylivaa Media) 8 / 9
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M-Sport had already lost regular driver Elfyn Evans for Finland due to an injury sustained on Rally Estonia, so will be represented by Teemu Suninen and Evans's stand-in Gus Greensmith this weekend (Images courtesy of Ylivaa Media) 9 / 9
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