Supercars rivals were jumping over Adelaide sensors - Winterbottom

Mark Winterbottom slammed Supercars officials for the penalty that took him out of contention for a top four spot during Sunday's second leg of the Adelaide 500

The Tickford Racing driver was running fourth following the second and final round of stops, but was dumped down the order after being hit for triggering the kerb sensors at Turn 2 with 21 laps to go and handed a drive-through penalty.

Tickford boss Tim Edwards called the decision "absolute bullshit" on live television just moments after it was handed down, while Winterbottom issued a rant of his own after the race.

He believes he was losing speed compared to other drivers through that part of the lap, but that the other cars were not triggering the sensor as they were bouncing so high over the kerbs they avoided them.

"I'm pretty pissed off. I wasn't making purple sectors there," Winterbottom said.

"[After] the first warning I lost three tenths a lap, and all the guys ahead of me are doing purple sectors going straight across inside it.

"I think that when you're now launching off it you're not getting the height because you're hitting it slower, and instead of launching over it you're kind of lower to the sensor and I think that's made it more sensitive.

"I would like to see the footage to say you're four wheels over."

He argued that Triple Eight drivers Jamie Whincup and Shane van Gisbergen had both transgressed in top 10 qualifying but not triggered the sensors.

"Even in the shootout I lost a lot of time there because Whincup and van Giz are two tenths quicker because they just go straight over; two wheels off the track but high in the air," Winterbottom said.

"Whereas I had two wheels on the track and low, and it triggers them."

Winterbottom added that a judge of fact might help remove any doubt on kerb use decisions.

"You need to stand there and just watch," he said.

"A guy's got four wheels off and he's not triggering it, and a guy's got two wheels on the track and it's triggering it. I don't think that's fair.

"But at the end of the day you get the penalty and nothing's going to change.

"I don't know how you fix it.

"It's just the sensitivity of it. It happens, it's always a drama, someone's on the rough end of it.

"[The stewards] don't care, it doesn't affect their day, it affects my day. They'll go home and be happy and I'll go home pissed off."

Winterbottom was ultimately classified 13th after serving the penalty.

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