125cc: Marquez takes another 125cc pole

Marc Marquez continued his dominant 125cc form at Aragon by cruising to pole position in this afternoon's qualifying session

125cc: Marquez takes another 125cc pole

In a classic example of tactical team riding, the Spaniard led an Ajo Derbi one-two, over half a second clear of team-mate Sandro Cortese, whom he towed to second place with a great run in the final five minutes of the session.

Championship leader Nico Terol (Aspar Aprilia) was the only other rider to lap below two minutes. His last-gasp effort lifted him onto the front row at the expense of Tuenti Derbi rider Efren Vazquez.

The Spaniard's Tuenti team-mate Pol Espargaro, who crashed in this morning's practice session, missed out on a front row start for only the second time this season and wound up fifth.

Britain's Bradley Smith (Aspar Aprilia) took a subdued sixth, while Swiss rider Randy Krummenacher (Stipa-Molenaar Aprilia), Frenchman Johann Zarco (WTR San Marino Aprilia), German Jonas Folger (Ongetta Aprilia) and Japanese rider Tamoyoshi Koyama (Racing Team Germany) rounded out an eclectic top 10, covered by just over two seconds.

Pos Rider Bike Time Gap 1. Marc Marquez Derbi 1m59.335s 2. Sandro Cortese Derbi 1m59.898s + 0.563s 3. Nicolas Terol Aprilia 1m59.970s + 0.635s 4. Efren Vazquez Derbi 2m00.265s + 0.930s 5. Pol Espargaro Derbi 2m00.294s + 0.959s 6. Bradley Smith Aprilia 2m00.417s + 1.082s 7. Randy Krummenacher Aprilia 2m00.842s + 1.507s 8. Johann Zarco Aprilia 2m01.281s + 1.946s 9. Jonas Folger Aprilia 2m01.332s + 1.997s 10. Tomoyoshi Koyama Aprilia 2m01.339s + 2.004s 11. Esteve Rabat Aprilia 2m01.688s + 2.353s 12. Danny Webb Aprilia 2m01.814s + 2.479s 13. Luis Salom Aprilia 2m02.026s + 2.691s 14. Adrian Martin Aprilia 2m02.568s + 3.233s 15. Zulfahmi Khairuddin Aprilia 2m02.594s + 3.259s 16. Alberto Moncayo Aprilia 2m02.612s + 3.277s 17. Jasper Iwema Aprilia 2m03.028s + 3.693s 18. Jakub Kornfeil Aprilia 2m03.052s + 3.717s 19. Marcel Schrotter Honda 2m03.385s + 4.050s 20. Josep Rodriguez Aprilia 2m03.408s + 4.073s 21. Simone Grotzkyj Aprilia 2m03.420s + 4.085s 22. Louis Rossi Aprilia 2m03.822s + 4.487s 23. Pedro Rodriguez Aprilia 2m04.480s + 5.145s 24. Sturla Fagerhaug Aprilia 2m04.607s + 5.272s 25. Joan Perello Honda 2m04.904s + 5.569s 26. Isaac Vinales Lambretta 2m05.206s + 5.871s 27. Robin Barbosa Aprilia 2m05.302s + 5.967s 28. Peter Sebestyen Aprilia 2m05.710s + 6.375s 29. Marco Ravaioli Lambretta 2m05.820s + 6.485s 30. Alejandro Pardo Aprilia 2m06.193s + 6.858s 31. Kevin Hanus Honda 2m07.150s + 7.815s 
125cc: Marquez wins again at Misano

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125cc: Espargaro wins, Marquez taken out
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