Pol Espargaro, Maverick Vinales quickest in Moto2 and Moto3 testing

Pol Espargaro and Maverick Vinales were quickest in Moto2 and Moto3 pre-season testing at Valencia respectively, while Moto2 title threat Tom Luthi suffered arm and collarbone injuries in a crash

Pol Espargaro, Maverick Vinales quickest in Moto2 and Moto3 testing

Paddock rider Luthi, who has finished in the top five in Moto2 for the past three years, collided with Gresini's Ratthapark Wilairot on Thursday.

Luthi was taken to hospital with a suspected broken right arm and collarbone, while Wilairot was treated at the circuit medical centre for a minor head injury.

Last year's Moto2 runner-up Espargaro was quickest for Pons on the second and third days of the three-day test, setting his benchmark 1m34.577s on the final afternoon.

He was 0.2 seconds faster than 2011 125cc champion Nico Terol, who showed improved form for Aspar to set the pace on Tuesday and remain up front throughout.

Julian Simon completed the top three in combined times for Italtrans, followed by Terol's Aspar team-mate Jordi Torres and the sidelined Luthi.

Reigning Moto3 champion Sandro Cortese was the quickest Moto2 rookie in 21st place, three spots ahead of his former team-mate and fellow graduate Danny Kent.

Aside from Luthi and Wilairot, SAG's Marcel Schrotter was the only other man to have a serious accident, damaging his Kalex sufficiently in a Tuesday crash to end his week.

Vinales dominated all three days of Moto3 testing for his new Laglisse team.

It was a KTM one-two-three, as Monlau's Alex Rins and Ajo's Luis Salom gave chase to Vinales, followed by Aspar's Jonas Folger on the best Kalex and top FTR rider Jack Miller with Caretta RTG.

The leading Moto3 newcomer was Rookies Cup graduate Livio Loi in 14th with Marc VDS.

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Moto2 Combined Times:

Pos  Rider                Team/Bike            Time       Gap
 1.  Pol Espargaro        Tuenti Kalex         1m34.577
 2.  Nicolas Terol        Aspar Suter          1m34.777   + 0.200s
 3.  Julian Simon         Italtrans Kalex      1m34.981   + 0.404s
 4.  Jordi Torres         Aspar Suter          1m35.084   + 0.507s
 5.  Thomas Luthi         Paddock Suter        1m35.093   + 0.516s
 6.  Takaaki Nakagami     Italtrans Kalex      1m35.122   + 0.545s
 7.  Scott Redding        Marc VDS Kalex       1m35.293   + 0.716s
 8.  Esteve Rabat         Tuenti Kalex         1m35.317   + 0.740s
 9.  Simone Corsi         Forward Speed Up     1m35.365   + 0.788s
10.  Johann Zarco         Ioda Suter           1m35.399   + 0.822s
11.  Dominique Aegerter   Technomag Suter      1m35.555   + 0.978s
12.  Axel Pons            Tuenti Kalex         1m35.630   + 1.053s
13.  Mika Kallio          Marc VDS Kalex       1m35.769   + 1.192s
14.  Toni Elias           Avintia Kalex        1m35.911   + 1.334s
15.  Xavier Simeon        SAG Kalex            1m36.039   + 1.462s
16.  Ricky Cardus         Forward Speed Up     1m36.347   + 1.770s
17.  Anthony West         QMMF Speed Up        1m36.434   + 1.857s
18.  Mattia Pasini        Forward Speed Up     1m36.485   + 1.908s
19.  Ratthapark Wilairot  Gresini Suter        1m36.531   + 1.954s
20.  Alex de Angelis      Forward Speed Up     1m36.722   + 2.145s
21.  Sandro Cortese       Intact Kalex         1m36.733   + 2.156s
22.  Yuki Takahashi       Tady Moriwaki        1m36.862   + 2.285s
23.  Steven Odendaal      Arginano Speed Up    1m37.159   + 2.582s
24.  Danny Kent           Tech 3               1m37.330   + 2.753s
25.  Kyle Smith           Avintia Kalex        1m37.378   + 2.801s
26.  Randy Krummenacher   Technomag Suter      1m37.389   + 2.812s
27.  Mike di Meglio       JIR Motobi           1m37.571   + 2.994s
28.  Louis Rossi          Tech 3               1m37.662   + 3.085s
29.  Alberto Moncayo      Arginano Speed Up    1m38.097   + 3.520s
30.  Doni Tata Pradita    Gresini Suter        1m38.266   + 3.689s
31.  Marcel Schrotter     SAG Kalex            1m38.391   + 3.814s
32.  Rafid Topan Sucipto  QMMF Speed Up        1m41.431   + 6.854s

Moto3 Combined Times:  

Pos  Rider                Team/Bike            Time       Gap
1. Maverick Vinales Laglisse KTM 1m39.299s 2. Alex Rins Galicia KTM 1m39.585s + 0.286s 3. Luis Salom Ajo KTM 1m39.669s + 0.370s 4. Jonas Folger Aspar Kalex-KTM 1m40.050s + 0.751s 5. Jack Miller Caretta FTR-Honda 1m40.291s + 0.992s 6. Romano Fenati Italia FTR-Honda 1m40.428s + 1.129s 7. Alex Marquez Galicia KTM 1m40.468s + 1.169s 8. Efren Vazquez Mahindra 1m40.495s + 1.196s 9. John McPhee Caretta FTR-Honda 1m40.510s + 1.211s 10. Miguel Oliveira Mahindra 1m40.526s + 1.227s 11. Jakub Kornfeil RW Kalex-KTM 1m40.543s + 1.244s 12. Zulfahmi Khairuddin Ajo KTM 1m40.564s + 1.265s 13. Brad Binder Ambrogio Suter Honda 1m40.728s + 1.429s 14. Livio Loi Marc VDS Kalex-KTM 1m40.750s + 1.451s 15. Arthur Sissis Ajo KTM 1m40.918s + 1.619s 16. Ana Carrasco Laglisse KTM 1m40.946s + 1.647s 17. Francesco Bagnaia Italia FTR-Honda 1m41.028s + 1.729s 18. Philipp Oettl Paddock Kalex-KTM 1m41.109s + 1.810s 19. Juan Guevara CIP TSR Honda 1m41.165s + 1.866s 20. Danny Webb Ambrogio Suter-Honda 1m41.165s + 1.866s 21. Lorenzo Baldassarri Gresini FTR-Honda 1m41.176s + 1.877s 22. Isaac Vinales Ongetta FTR-Honda 1m41.196s + 1.897s 23. Niklas Ajo Avant Tecno KTM 1m41.250s + 1.951s 24. Matteo Ferrari Ongetta FTR-Honda 1m41.327s + 2.028s 25. Toni Finsterbusch Kiefer Kalex-KTM 1m41.511s + 2.212s 26. Jasper Iwema RW Kalex KTM 1m41.515s + 2.216s 27. Eric Granado Aspar Kalex-KTM 1m41.526s + 2.227s 28. Alessandro Tonucci Tascaracing Honda 1m41.969s + 2.670s 29. Hyuga Watanabe Tascaracing Honda 1m42.169s + 2.870s 30. Alan Techer CIP TSR-Honda 1m42.334s + 3.035s 31. Niccolo Antonelli Gresini FTR-Honda 1m42.670s + 3.371s 32. Alexis Masbou Ongetta FTR-Honda 1m44.647s + 5.348s 33. Florian Alt Kiefer Kalex-KTM 1m44.672s + 5.373s
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