Q & A with Nico Rosberg

Q: Another fantastic job by you today

Nico Rosberg: "Yeah, it really was - today was really great. I'm really, really happy about today. In the beginning it was really difficult, because the track was quite dirty and we went out with new tyres, and it just didn't work - the car was a bit strange, and it was not what we expected from the set up. So we made the right changes to improve it a little bit - it was still a bit difficult, but it went in the right direction - and then with the second set I knew that was one that was going to count, and I made it stick.

"I came to the last three corners and the track was a bit wet, and I was pretty gutted actually, but I just relaxed and really controlled my speed through there and not overdo it, because you really can't do that when it's like that, and coming out of the last corner I wanted to put down the power because I could see the finish line, and I just couldn't go - I just could not step on it, because it was wet, you know? And I was like 'shit!', but I got across the line and though 'okay, that should be quite good' and I was happy, because you never really know where you are when you're doing the lap - you've got no idea."

Q: How much faster do you think you could have gone if it wasn't wet?

Rosberg: "A couple of tenths [of a second] for sure, because I lost a lot in the exit."

Q: And because it was wet it meant that no one was able to go faster than you.

Rosberg: "Yeah, but it dried up again afterwards, and then it rained again when Heikki [Kovalainen] was out."

Q: It's a new track, and no one has much data on it - how satisfying does that make your pole?

Rosberg: "It's definitely satisfying, especially when it's a narrow margin like today - it's great. I normally like going to new tracks, because I'm pretty good at learning tracks and everything, and I really enjoyed driving this track - it's a great track."

Q: And from the Championship perspective it's quite good for you.

Rosberg: "Yeah, but I don't care about that at the moment - I just want to do it race by race, do them all well, and then see what happens. There is so much involved in Championships, and there's always luck and so on, so what is important for me is to just go out and do a good job, and whatever comes, comes."

Q: The times are quite close, with the other guys just one tenth off. How tough do you think tomorrow's race is going to be?

Rosberg: "I think we will have a really good car for tomorrow, so I hope to start well again and then do a good race - that's all I can do."

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