Feature: Drivers' Guide to Monaco

Monaco is different to any other venue on the calendar - the road circuit is difficult to race on, let alone master, and experience is important. The most similar racetrack is the Formula Three Macau Grand Prix, which is also run through the streets of a seaside town, albeit on a steeper track

With thirty minutes of free practice tomorrow morning and qualifying almost immediately afterwards any damage will be very costly for the race, and road circuit experience will be telling. Accordingly a number of GP2 drivers were asked about their experience, as well as for their thoughts on the illustrious Mediterranean track.

Jose Maria Lopez (DAMS)

Raced in Monaco: Yes (2003 - Formula Renault; 2004 - F3000)

"I like it! I don't know the other street circuits but it's really quick here, and with this car it will be really interesting because it's a little bit of a nervous handling car. I'm glad I know the circuit already!"

Gianmaria Bruni (Coloni)

Raced in Monaco: Yes (2000 - F3; 2004 - F1, Minardi)

"It's great - it's a really historical circuit with so few changes over all the years of racing - the track is almost the same after all this time. I don't really see a big advantage in already knowing the circuit because it's pretty easy to learn. Unfortunately there's no time to set up the car, so you have to hope you have made the right decision and then see later if it is!"

Scott Speed (iSport)

Raced in Monaco: No

Raced in Macau: Yes (2004 - 3rd Place)

"I'm hoping not to hit any walls, and if I manage that it should put us in the top five with everyone else out! Obviously the guys who have been here have an advantage, but I'm hoping for points for the Championship at the end of the weekend."

Ryan Sharp (DPR)

Raced in Monaco: Yes (2004 - Renault V6)

"I really like racing here - I was okay last year with Renault but had some brake problems, got back to the pits okay, but that was that. I'm looking forward to it generally, and hopefully I won't have any problems this time."

Olivier Pla (DPR)

Raced in Monaco: No

Raced in Macau: Yes (2002, also won in Korea)

"I think it's really important to learn the track well and to make sure we are ready before we get out there. Maybe you need a little bit of luck in races like this, but I really liked Macau so we'll see what happens here."

Nico Rosberg (ART)

Raced in Monaco: No

Raced in Macau: Yes (2004)

"The track is my home track now, so for sure I'm looking forward to racing on it - it will be difficult, but I can't wait to get out there."

Alexandre Premat (ART)

Raced in Monaco: No

Raced in Macau: Yes (2004 - winner)

"This is a really nice circuit, like Pau or Macau, and it's really important for Formula One to know the circuit well here. The first session is going to be so important for us, because we will need to set the car up well for qualifying straight afterwards."

Can Artam (iSport)

Raced in Monaco: Yes (2004 - F3000)

"Monaco has always been my favourite circuit, and it's really great to be here. I just want to get to the finish really, and points would be a nice bonus after some of the bad luck we've had so far."

Ernesto Viso (BCN)

Raced in Monaco: No

Raced in Macau: Yes (2003)

"It's going to be an interesting track - you have to be quite careful. Our strategy is to do as many laps as possible to learn the track and then push for times in qualifying."

Hiroki Yoshimoto (BCN)

Raced in Monaco: No

Raced in Macau: Yes (2002, 2003)

"These tracks are more about the drivers, and therefore I really want to win here! Monaco is our first race really - Imola and Barcelona turned out to be just testing for us. When I was a kid I was a freak about this place, and I knew it so well even then. I can't wait to get out on track!"

Giorgio Pantano (Super Nova)

Raced in Monaco: Yes (2000-2003 - F3000; 2004 - F1, Jordan)

"Here you can see who are the quick drivers because they take the most risk and therefore it's easy to see who makes the difference. I love it in Monaco - you must concentrate because the smallest mistake can put you out, so it's really fun for that!"

Adam Carroll (Super Nova)

Raced in Monaco: No

Raced in Macau: Yes (2004)

"It should be good - I'm hoping for a podium, but then that's just the same as everybody else!"

Nicolas Lapierre (Arden)

Raced in Monaco: No

Raced in Macau: Yes (2003)

"This place is a bit crazy! It's an important race because the drivers can make a difference here, and people really take notice of that."

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