Carroll Angry by Stewards' Decision

Adam Carroll was livid after a steward's decision advised that the accident between himself and Nelson Piquet was judged to be a racing incident

The accident, which happened with just a few corners remaining in race two at Barcelona, dropped Carroll from a certain second place finish and his second podium of the season to a lowly sixth, losing him four points.

"He [Piquet] went for a late maneuver and it didn't come off," said Carroll. "He put his nose where it wasn't supposed to be but didn't get far enough, and how can I back off if he's not up in there?"

He insisted that he was not too upset with Piquet, but rather his ire was directed at the stewards: "Nelson apologised to me after the race, and we're good mates off the track, so he's done what I would have done, which is apologise if I've made a mistake.

"The stewards have heard from us both and it's their decision, but you just don't go banging wheels in open wheel racing. It's too dangerous."

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