Toyota's F1 presence not linked with wins

Toyota team president John Howett says the future of the Japanese manufacturer in Formula One is not necessarily linked with scoring races wins

The Cologne-based squad, with one of the biggest budgets in the sport, have been in Formula One since 2002 but have scored just six podium places in 104 Grands Prix.

Last year, the team finished in sixth position with just 13 points, less than half the amount scored by Williams, who use Toyota's engines.

And although Howett admits the team are hungry for victories, he says Toyota's future present in F1 is not linked with that.

"I think there are lots of manufacturers who remained while Ferrari was dominant for eight years," Howett said.

"I don't think it is given that if you don't win you can't stay. I think it depends on the platform of F1, whether there is a technical challenge remaining, or if it's an interesting series.

"There are many factors. I don't think it is a primary concern. The primary concern for the people here is to win. It is not the external pressure but the internal pressure, the passion to win."

Toyota enjoyed a promising 2005 season, finishing in fourth place in the standings, but the next two years proved disappointing, with the team failing to shine, scoring just one podium finish.

Howett says Toyota must end with their up and downs.

"Clearly we have to stop that as soon as possible," he added. "We had a discussion that we had a good team of people here and the intent is to keep improving the car. We have changed a lot in terms of actual development strategies of aerodynamics.

"Probably we are using what we were successful using in 2005 and we believe we did not push further so I think the fundamental gap is really the aero performance. There is a passion to win within Toyota.

"We want to change it around so that we are a credible team, capable of preforming at a high level in F1."

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