Mercedes suggests it will not support F1 engine unfreeze

Mercedes has suggested that it will not support a move to lift Formula 1's engine freeze for next year, amid fears it will raise costs

F1's Strategy Group approved the idea of allowing limited in-season development of engines in the future, even though Mercedes, Lotus and Williams voted against it.

For the rule to be implemented for 2015 it will need unanimous support in the F1 Commission, something that Mercedes thinks is unlikely.

"I think we can see certain benefits of looking at it," Wolff told AUTOSPORT.

"But in general terms, our philosophy is let's decide on the regulations early enough to have stable regulations.

"That is very important for F1 - and must not make kneejerk reactions."

The complex future of F1 engines

He added: "Who invented this governance process must have given it a thought, and the reasoning is you don't want to have regulations changing three months before the start of the season.

"That translates into escalating costs, out of control costs, and this is why there is a process in place and that it needs to be unanimous after a certain date.

"For the following year you need a majority vote and you can decide on technical and sporting regulations based on a majority.

"The earlier the decisions are being made, the better you can prepare and the less you spend. We all have the responsibility to look at costs.

"Although the sport remains priority number one, the show remains priority number one, we cannot ignore commercial realities."


Wolff also expressed surprise that Red Bull team boss Christian Horner revealed details about the Strategy Group discussions on the engine freeze changes during a press conference.

"The Strategy Group is a group to look at many ideas and many angles of the sport," he said.

"It is always surprising to see and hear that things that are discussed in the Strategy Group end up in the public domain two hours later."

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