Mercedes Against Chassis-Selling Proposal

Mercedes oppose proposals for Formula One teams to be allowed to buy and race second-hand cars in the future, according to motorsport head Norbert Haug

"I think everyone should know that we are very much against used Formula One cars," he said at the Belgian Grand Prix.

"We don't think that is the key to the future. We think it is against the independent teams if you sell used McLarens, Renaults, Ferraris and so on.

"We don't want to have that and this needs to be properly discussed," said Haug.

FIA president Max Mosley said at the previous Italian Grand Prix that proposed rule changes for 2008 would allow teams to buy and sell cars.

"There will no longer be a restriction on a team selling its cars or selling any part of its cars, so entry-level people will simply be able to buy a car from a big team, and/or part of a car," Mosley said.

"That will be a completely private matter between the various teams and that will be possible after 2008. That will help new teams come in."

The commercial 'Concorde' agreement governing Formula One expires at the end of 2007.

Teams, manufacturers and the FIA are discussing rules and regulations from 2008, with only three teams - Ferrari, Red Bull and Jordan - so far signed up to an extension of the existing agreement to 2012.

Autosport magazine reported this week that Mercedes' partners McLaren could link up with a Japanese investment company to run a 'B' team in 2007 racing 2006-specification cars.

However, Haug said there was nothing planned for 2007 and the rules did not allow for such a team to run old cars anyway.


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