Hungarian GP: Rosberg 'did not want' team orders in Hamilton fight

Formula 1 championship leader Nico Rosberg has denied that he asked to be let through by Mercedes team-mate and championship rival Lewis Hamilton during the Hungarian Grand Prix

The German was running behind Hamilton before of his final pitstop, and the Mercedes team ordered Hamilton - who did not have another stop to make - to let him through to benefit Rosberg's strategy.

Hamilton refused to back off, and admitted after the race that he was "very, very shocked" to be asked to let his main rival through.

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Rosberg was heard asking on the team radio why Hamilton had not moved over, but he denied that he had originally requested to be let by.

"I didn't want it, it was the team that informed me that he was going to let me past," said Rosberg after the race.

"That was it. I don't know what happened then. We need to discuss it."

Rosberg declined to elaborate further on his view of the team orders situation, saying that it was a matter for the team to resolve in private.

"We have to discuss it internally, it would not make sense for me to speak about that now," he added.

"I don't want to speak theoretically about that situation. It's better to discuss that in the team.

"Of course I'm going to sit down with the team, Lewis will be there also, and we are going to go through everything and see how much we can learn from today, as always."


Rosberg tried to pass Hamilton for third on the outside of Turn 2 on the final lap but his team-mate forced him wide, and Rosberg said he was frustrated to let that chance slip.

"I caught them [Fernando Alonso and Hamilton] at the end, but unfortunately it wasn't enough," he said.

"That's what's most annoying for me now - the last lap - I had the chance and I wasn't able to use it.

"I'm just disappointed that I didn't make it happen. That was a pity.

"Of course there are still some positives, but I'm not able to see that at the moment as I'm still in the last lap."

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