Hulkenberg gets 10-place Monza grid penalty for causing Spa crash

Nico Hulkenberg has been given a 10-place grid penalty for next weekend's Italian Grand Prix for causing the first corner crash during Sunday's Formula 1 race at Spa

The German braked too late for the first corner and slid into the back of Fernando Alonso, pitching the McLaren over the top of Charles Leclerc's Sauber.

The stewards investigated the incident and decided that the Renault driver was guilty of causing the crash and will be moved down the grid at the Monza race.

He has also been handed three penalty points on his superlicence.

"The driver of car 27 [Hulkenberg] stated that he completely misjudged the situation and freely admitted it was his mistake," read an FIA bulletin announcing the penalty.

Although Alonso had suggested that there were similarities between this incident and the 2012 crash at Spa that he was also involved in that earned Romain Grosjean a one-race ban, such a punishment was not considered on this occasion.

In their explanation, the stewards pointed out that the penalty points system had been introduced as a mean of ensuring repeat offenders were sanctioned more heavily - something that was not in place six years ago.

"It should be noted that since 2014 the FIA has introduced the penalty points system which takes into account previous offences by a driver and can lead to a race suspension if 12 points are accumulated within a 12 month period," read the statement.

"This system was not in force when an incident not dissimilar to this, occurred in 2012."

Hulkenberg was clear that he made a mistake, although he suggested he was slightly caught out by the aero disturbance caused by other cars around him heading into the corner.

"It's just incredible to find out again on lap one how sensitive these cars are with aerodynamics," he told Sky Sports.

"When you have a few cars that bunch up in front of you, how much grip and load you lose.

"When I hit the brakes I instantly locked up the front wheels and was then just sliding into Fernando.

"Probably [a] misjudgement from my side, a bit too late on the brakes, a bit too keen. Frustrating for [Alonso], for Charles as well, but also for myself."

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