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Formula 1 Italian GP

F1 Italian GP results: Max Verstappen scores record-breaking win

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the Italian Grand Prix, the 14th round of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship, at Monza.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB19

Verstappen set a new, all-time record of 10 consecutive F1 race victories.

Poleman Carlos Sainz led from the start for Ferrari but Verstappen began to attack him from lap six. It took him until lap 15 to find a way past, when Sainz locked up at Rettifilo and got a poor exit too, which allowed Verstappen to get a run on him on the run to Roggia.

Once clear, Verstappen pulled well away from a huge fight between Sainz and his Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez.

The latter grabbed second with five laps to go, leaving Sainz toiling to hold off team-mate Charles Leclerc in a wild race to the finish line.

2023 F1 Italian Grand Prix results

Cla Driver  Car / Engine   Laps   Time 
1 Max Verstappen Red Bull/Honda RBPT 51 -
11 Sergio Pérez Red Bull/Honda RBPT 51 -6.064
55 Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari 51 -11.193
16 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 51 -11.377
63 George Russell Mercedes 51 -23.028
44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 51 -42.679
23 Alexander Albon Williams/Mercedes 51 -45.106
4 Lando Norris McLaren/Mercedes 51 -45.449
14 Fernando Alonso Aston Martin/Mercedes 51 -46.294
10  77 Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo/Ferrari 51 -1'04.056
11  40 Liam Lawson AlphaTauri/Honda RBPT 51 -1'10.638
12  81 Oscar Piastri McLaren/Mercedes 51 -1'13.074
13  2 Logan Sargeant Williams/Mercedes 51 -1'18.557
14  24 Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo/Ferrari 51 -1'20.164
15  10 Pierre Gasly Alpine/Renault 51 -1'22.510
16  18 Lance Stroll Aston Martin/Mercedes 51 -1'27.266
17  27 Nico Hülkenberg Haas/Ferrari 50 -
18  20 Kevin Magnussen Haas/Ferrari 50 -
31 Esteban Ocon Alpine/Renault 39 -
22 Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri/Honda RBPT 0 -

How the 2023 F1 Italian Grand Prix unfolded

Following a delayed start when Yuki Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri broke down on the warm-up lap, polewinner Sainz led the charge to Turn 1 in a shortened race of 51 laps.

Sainz led Verstappen and Leclerc, who had George Russell (Mercedes) challenge him at the Roggia chicane but held him at bay. Sergio Perez (Red Bull) held fifth from Oscar Piastri (McLaren) and Alex Albon (Williams). Albon passed Piastri for sixth into Roggia on lap two to regain the position that he’d lost at the first corner.

Lewis Hamilton started his Mercedes on hard tyres to the majority’s mediums, losing a spot at the start to run ninth behind McLaren’s Lando Norris.

Verstappen launched his first attack for the lead around the outside of the Rettifilo chicane on lap six but Sainz repelled him. Perez began to probe Russell’s defences on lap eight for fourth, drawing alongside three laps later but still unable to find a way past.

Russell and Perez both overshot the Rettifilo on lap 14, with Perez getting ahead but immediately giving the place back.

Sainz locked up his inside wheel at Rettifilo on lap 15, which – combined with a poor exit due to wheelspin – allowed Verstappen to get the run on him on the exit and through the Curva Grande and outbrake him down the inside into Roggia to take the lead.

Perez dived down the inside of Russell at Rettifilo a lap later to settle their battle over fourth.

Sainz pitted on lap 20, as did Russell – both switching their medium tyres for hards.

Perez hunted down Leclerc, who pitted on lap 21, as Red Bull covered Sainz’s stop with Verstappen too. That allowed Perez to lead, until he stopped a lap later.

Leclerc emerged just behind Sainz, and the Ferrari pair battled wheel-to-wheel through Roggia, with Sainz just holding on. Perez rejoined right behind both Ferraris.

The long-running Hamilton led for a handful of laps until Verstappen swept past him on lap 25. Hamilton ran past the half-distance mark before jettisoning his hards for fresh mediums, dropping to 10th.

The McLarens switched places when Norris and Piastri touched at Rettifilo. Russell got a five-second penalty when he rejoined from the pits but gained a place from Esteban Ocon (Alpine) off the track at Rettifilo.

With 20 laps to go, Verstappen extended his lead to over 6s as Sainz toiled to hold off Leclerc and Perez. Hamilton passed Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin at Rettifilo for ninth.

Leclerc and Perez brushed wheels under braking at Roggia, which allowed Sainz to scamper clear, before Perez passed Leclerc at Rettifilo on lap 32.

Norris and Albon clashed at Rettifilo on lap 39, Norris gaining the spot but giving it straight back. Behind them, Piastri and Hamilton first out-braked each other at Roggia and then collided there a lap later. Piastri was forced to pit for a new front wing, claiming Hamilton had moved across him in the braking zone, and Lewis was given a 5s penalty.

Perez caught Sainz and began to attack him with 10 laps remaining. Perez was forced to take to the Rettifilo escape road two laps later, and again on lap 45.

Perez finally made the move stick on Sainz with five laps to go, having DRS-ed clear of him ahead of the Rettifilo braking zone. Leclerc passed Sainz a lap later at Rettifilo but ran wide and Sainz retook the position at Roggia with a desperate lunge.

They battled to the finish, Leclerc almost hitting the back of Sainz at Rettifilo on the final lap despite being told “no risk”.

Verstappen won by 6s from Perez. Russell finished fifth behind the Ferraris, which were separated by a tenth of a second. The penalised Hamilton passed Norris and Albon for sixth on the road and then pulled out 7s over Albon to ensure the place.

2023 F1 Italian Grand Prix fastest laps

Driver Info
Cla Driver # Chassis Engine Lap Time Interval km/h
1 Australia O. Piastri Oscar Piastri McLaren 81 McLaren Mercedes 43 1'25.072   245.142
2 Netherlands M. Verstappen Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing 1 Red Bull Red Bull 33 +0.168 0.168 244.659
3 Spain C. Sainz Carlos Sainz Ferrari 55 Ferrari Ferrari 30 +0.429 0.261 243.912
4 Mexico S. Perez Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing 11 Red Bull Red Bull 39 +0.450 0.021 243.853
5 Monaco C. Leclerc Charles Leclerc Ferrari 16 Ferrari Ferrari 38 +0.508 0.058 243.687
6 United Kingdom L. Hamilton Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 44 Mercedes Mercedes 29 +0.510 0.002 243.682
7 France P. Gasly Pierre Gasly Alpine 10 Alpine Renault 44 +0.686 0.176 243.181
8 New Zealand L. Lawson Liam Lawson AlphaTauri 40 AlphaTauri Red Bull 44 +0.770 0.084 242.944
9 United Kingdom G. Russell George Russell Mercedes 63 Mercedes Mercedes 38 +0.775 0.005 242.929
10 Germany N. Hulkenberg Nico Hulkenberg Haas F1 Team 27 Haas Ferrari 50 +0.822 0.047 242.796
11 China Z. Guanyu Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo 24 Alfa Romeo Ferrari 35 +0.911 0.089 242.545
12 Finland V. Bottas Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo 77 Alfa Romeo Ferrari 27 +0.916 0.005 242.531
13 Spain F. Alonso Fernando Alonso Aston Martin Racing 14 Aston Martin Mercedes 43 +1.033 0.117 242.201
14 United Kingdom L. Norris Lando Norris McLaren 4 McLaren Mercedes 24 +1.072 0.039 242.092
15 Denmark K. Magnussen Kevin Magnussen Haas F1 Team 20 Haas Ferrari 42 +1.206 0.134 241.716
16 Thailand A. Albon Alex Albon Williams 23 Williams Mercedes 33 +1.317 0.111 241.405
17 Canada L. Stroll Lance Stroll Aston Martin Racing 18 Aston Martin Mercedes 31 +1.545 0.228 240.770
18 United States L. Sargeant Logan Sargeant Williams 2 Williams Mercedes 16 +1.768 0.223 240.152
19 France E. Ocon Esteban Ocon Alpine 31 Alpine Renault 33 +1.891 0.123 239.812

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