Ecclestone: Points system not working

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone says the current Formula One points system doesn't work and makes the sport less exciting

Currently, the system awards ten points to the winner of a race, with eight going to the runner-up and six to the third-placed driver.

The points system was changed in 2003 in order to avoid a driver clinching a title too early. Before that, the winning driver used to get four more points than the runner-up.

Ecclestone believes the current two-point difference is not enough to make drivers take risks and go for victory.

"The decision to award eight points to the runner-up in a Grand Prix has not worked," Ecclestone told the Mail on Sunday

"There's not enough motivation for the driver in second place to go for the win. They weigh up the situation and decide it's not worth the risk of falling off the road just for two lousy points.

"They reckon they might get lucky in the pits and sneak ahead that way, but that's the only way they are prepared to go for the No 1 spot. All I keep hearing is people moaning about the fact that we don't see an awful lot of overtaking any more in F1.

"To me, it should be all about winning," Ecclestone added. "The driver who wins the most races in the season should be the world champion.

"It's as simple as that. Second places should only come into the reckoning if both drivers win the same amount of races."

Ecclestone says he will push for a change in the system as soon as next season.

"Well, obviously not this season because the regulations are set, but I'd like to change it maybe for next season," he said. "As the president of the F1 Commission, I shall be bringing it up."

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