DRS problem hampered Ricciardo's Q3 British GP qualifying efforts

Daniel Ricciardo said a DRS problem added to his British Grand Prix qualifying frustrations, after he was unable to open his rear wing on his first lap in Q3

Silverstone's high-speed nature, particularly with the latest generation of F1 cars, has played more to the strengths of Mercedes and Ferrari and left Red Bull adrift of its Formula 1 rivals.

But Ricciardo was left even more frustrated after qualifying because he completed his first Q3 run without the assist of DRS, which he lost before the Wellington Straight.

Although he was able to use DRS manually on his second run and activate it in the appropriate areas, Ricciardo felt his first lap was his best effort.

"I lost it between Turns 4 and 6 in Q3," he said about his first run. "The last lap they figured it out - but the first lap, the best lap, I didn't have it.

"But it's alright. It's a bit frustrating. I don't know why [it happened] - but an inconvenient time."

Asked how much lap time it cost him, having ended qualifying half a second down on team-mate Max Verstappen, Ricciardo said: "A few tenths. It's not going to change the world for us.

"We know we are already a bit off the pace, and down the straights we lose a lot.

"So when I saw I was pulling the DRS and it wasn't working it was more frustrating than anything."

Red Bull's lack of straightline speed has left both Ricciardo and Verstappen aware they need strategy to come into play to have any chance of competing with Mercedes or Ferrari in Sunday's race.

"We lose more than one second on the straights, so this track is getting less and less favourable for us," said Verstappen. "It's a shame.

"But the car felt really good in qualifying, especially in Q3 - we made a few adjustments to the front wing, and the car is strong. We all know that.

"For tomorrow, it's going to be a bit warmer but still a bit of a struggle compared to the guys ahead.

"It is free lap time they gain on the straights - then we have to push harder on our tyres and with the heat it is not ideal, but let's see."

Ricciardo added: "I am really optimistic that it is not going to be a one-stop boring race.

"I think it is going to be hotter tomorrow from what I understand. Hopefully a two stop works.

"We chose to save a set in Q2, a new set of softs, if we need to use it in the race to plan a little bit in advance for tomorrow.

"We kind of knew into qualifying we would be fifth and sixth as a team, so [we are] trying to make the most of the race."

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