Briatore Wants Further Cost-Cutting in F1

Renault boss Flavio Briatore has backed calls for dramatic cost cuts to be made in Formula One, on the same day that the FIA has vowed to implement such changes to future regulations

Briatore believes that the sport has to face up to the growing problem of rising costs - and has hinted that Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone should take some of the blame for letting the situation get out of control

When asked what he would change if he was appointed to run Formula One, Briatore told the official Formula One website: "Bernie. The way he thinks.

"We have to cut costs and put on more entertainment. As for the costs, teams are supposed to make money and not lose money. And we are supposed to be part of the entertainment business so the show has to become better."

The FIA issued a statement on Tuesday expressing their disappointment at the lack of cost cutting measures put forward by teams in their planned rules for 2008.

Briatore believes cost cuts are vital, and has suggested that moves should be made to bring them into the sport before 2008.

" I am with (FIA President) Max (Mosley) that the 2008 changes should be implemented before that - at least in parts," he said. "On the other hand, the small teams have to come to terms with their financial situation. Why have a headcount of 200 people? I have proven that it is possible to run a team with a staff of only 80."

Ecclestone has responded to Briatore's comments and claimed that he has also been in favour of reducing costs.

"It is strange that Flavio would want to change the way I think as he has been following my suggestions for years," he said. "One of these has always been to reduce the necessity of having to spend a large amount of money to be competitive. The problem is stopping the manufacturers granting such a large budget for the engine development, which then has to be spent.

"I have also for a long time explained to the teams that not only are we a sport but also we are in the entertainment business like all other sports. Regretfully the teams and drivers think Formula One is for their entertainment."

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