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F1 British GP Live commentary and updates - Race

Live updates on race day for the British GP at Silverstone.

F1 British GP Live commentary and updates - Race

By: Jake Boxall-Legge, Haydn Cobb, Megan White


  • Lewis Hamilton has won the British Grand Prix
  • He took victory ahead of Leclerc and Bottas
  • Verstappen and Vettel both failed to finish


  1. Hamilton, Mercedes
  2. Leclerc, Ferrari
  3. Bottas, Mercedes
  4. Norris, McLaren
  5. Ricciardo, McLaren
  6. Sainz, Ferrari
  7. Alonso, Alpine
  8. Stroll, Aston Martin
  9. Ocon, Alpine
  10. Tsunoda, AlphaTauri
Status: Stopped
And you heard our race winner: stay safe, stay hydrated, and enjoy your evenings! We'll see you in a couple of weeks' time for the Hungarian Grand Prix.
That was fun, wasn't it? Please remember to hydrate folks, I can't stress that enough.
Sainz, Alonso, Stroll, Ocon and Tsunoda complete the top 10.
Leclerc holds second place, as Bottas completes the podium. Norris and Ricciardo bring home fourth and fifth for McLaren.
And Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix!
Perez duly does it with a 1m28.617s to take the fastest lap point off Hamilton. Red Bull trying everything for damage limitation.
Perez pitted for the softs to go for the fastest lap - he can't score the point for it, if he gets it, as he is outside of the top 10 but it will take the point away from Hamilton.
Hamilton begins the final lap.
"Keep it easy on the kerbs," Hamilton is told. No chance of respite just yet.
Hamilton opens DRS, can't get the move done at the Wellington Straight, but he tries to dive down at Copse! Leclerc goes wide, Hamilton takes the lead, and the crowd is in raptures!
That incident between Perez and Raikkonen will be investigated after the race. Perez has pitted again so he is now P16 and behind the Finn.
Three more laps, and Hamilton's the closest he's been!

Perez and Raikkonen go side-by-side at Vale and the Mexican squeezes the Alfa Romeo driver who clatters the inside kerb and spins off. Not clear if the pair made contact but it was very close. Raikkonen down in P16, Perez now P10.

Four to go - gap's 1.4 between Leclerc and Hamilton.
Gasly has to pit for a puncture which drops him from P9 to P14. Cruel luck for the AlphaTauri driver.
Five to go, and the lead is 2.2s. Leclerc and Hamilton will have traffic on the horizon soon - which could be a crucial factor.
For some reason, Verstappen's got 12% in the driver of the day vote - which, given he's done half a lap of driving, proves that the system doesn't quite work...
The lead's now down to 3s now, Hamilton continuing to carve away at Leclerc's lead. Can Leclerc hold him off in the final six laps?
On lap 44 Perez has a look up the inside of Raikkonen at Stowe but thinks better of it and backs out of a move.
It's a 1m29.801s for Hamilton that time around, which means the lead stands around 4.8s and closing.
Perez is now up to 12th having got by Tsunoda at Brooklands. He is already right up behind Raikkonen but then he has a 10-second gap to bridge to reach Ocon in 10th.
"Full push until the end," Leclerc is told. He needs to find an answer to Hamilton's pace if he wants to win this.
Perez watch - part two: He is up to P13 having overtaken Russell. He has 10 laps to chase a points finish.
Hamilton's now scything away at Leclerc's lead, which is just about 6.5s now.
Vettel is told over team radio he needs to retire from the race due to an issue with his Aston Martin. The German driver hadn't been making much progress after his early spin that dropped him to the back of the pack.
Hamilton is ushered past at Stowe, logging a new fastest lap of a 1m30.443s in the process.
"Team order: do not fight with Lewis," Bottas is told. Mercedes wants to switch to let Hamilton put the pressure on Leclerc.
Make that 16th for Perez as he gets ahead of Vettel on his out-lap at Brooklands. He will be fighting through the field to reach the points for the rest of the race.
Perez comes in for a second stop at the end of lap 38. The Red Bull driver takes on fresh mediums and comes out in P17.
Hamilton posts a 1m30.594s, almost a full second faster than race leader Perez.
Bottas suggests that he might not be able to make it to the end with his current pace, potentially angling for a stop as his tyres look a bit blistery.
Red Bull has provided an update on Verstappen: "Following an assessment by the trackside doctors at Silverstone Circuit Medical Centre, Max Verstappen has been taken to a local hospital for further precautionary tests."
Perez, who jumped Gasly and Ocon in the pitstops to move up to ninth, is within DRS range of Stroll, who in turn is right behind Alonso.
"Bottas is blistering his front tyre quite a lot, he could still come back towards us," Norris is told. The podium dream's not over yet...

Ferrari has provided an update on Leclerc’s engine worries: "With regard to Charles’ radio messages: it's to do with engine mapping management."

The Sainz-Ricciardo battle has resumed, with the Spanish driver right on Ricciardo's tail as they duke it out for fifth.
The battle forecast is now predicting Hamilton will get Bottas shortly - but a two-lap prediction seems a bit optimistic.