F1 70th Anniversary GP Live Updates - Race day


By: Jake Boxall-Legge


Verstappen takes superb 70th Anniversary GP win using alternate tyre strategy
Hamilton finishes second, passing Mercedes team-mate Bottas late on
Leclerc takes P4 on one-stop strategy, Vettel P12 after spin on opening lap
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14:54 And that's it from us for this weekend! We've got the Spanish GP next weekend - and it's likely to be a scorcher. Hasta luego!
14:49 There's the Austrian national anthem, which has been a part of post-race proceedings for, er, more times than that.
14:48 At least, I think it's the ninth time - I didn't really have time to check.
14:48 There's the Dutch national anthem for the ninth time on an F1 podium.
14:44 Bottas: "Yeah, very frustrating starting from pole. It's not ideal. I think as a team we were sleeping at some point and my strategy was far from ideal. Lots to learn, I think."
14:43 Hamilton adds that these tyres "are like balloons now", as pressures were so high.
14:43 Hamilton: "Massive challenge! Definitely unexpected to have the blistering as hardcore as we expected it. I'm sure the team will be working as hard as they can because we've not had that before."
14:41 Verstappen: "I didn't see it coming, but after the first stint it seemed we were really good on tyres. I didn't have any tyre issues at all - we had a great day and everything worked out well."
14:38 Amazing how those who complained that the tyres were too soft are now extolling the virtues of bringing softer compounds. But that's none of my business...*kermit tea meme*
14:36 "I think we did everything perfect today," Verstappen says. "That was fully-sanitised!," Horner replies on the radio - that couldn't have been a more clinical victory.
14:34 Ocon, Norris and Kvyat are the rest of the scorers in this race. Barely seen a peep out of them, let's be honest!
14:34 Leclerc one-stops it to fourth, Albon fifth, and Stroll rounds out Hulkenberg for sixth.
14:33 Lewis Hamilton recovers second place, and Valtteri Bottas completes the podium.
14:33 Max Verstappen WINS the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix!
14:33 "Did you hydrate during the race? You must have some sweaty hands so don't forget to sanitise," Verstappen says over the radio. He, himself, has really cleaned up today.
14:32 Verstappen begins the final lap.
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