Grosjean clinches Auto GP crown

Romain Grosjean became the first ever Auto GP champion by winning the first race at Monza today

Grosjean clinches Auto GP crown

The DAMS driver recovered from a poor start that dropped him to third, passing Fabio Onidi when the Italian was delayed in the pits, and then chasing down early leader Adrien Tambay.

After a thrilling dice and many passing attempts successfully resisted by the inside-line-hugging Tambay, Grosjean finally made it past the Charouz-Gravity car into the Ascari bends and then pulled away to secure his fourth win of the year, clinching the title despite only joining the series from round five.

Tambay held on to second, with Onidi (Lazarus) taking third despite his slow pitstop.

Front row starter and pre-race title contender Duncan Tappy (DAMS) lost ground on lap one and had to settle for fourth, just ahead of Trident's Federico Leo, Super Nova's Luca Filippi and Julian Leal in the second Trident car.

Grosjean's other DAMS team-mate Edoardo Piscopo began the race just two points behind the ex-grand prix driver, but made a poor start and could not get back into the points, finishing just behind Alexander Sims (Charouz-Gravity) in 10th.

Pos  Driver             Team                Time/Gap
 1.  Romain Grosjean    DAMS              26m49.452s
 2.  Adrien Tambay      Charouz-Gravity     + 2.862s
 3.  Fabio Onidi        Lazarus             + 6.514s
 4.  Duncan Tappy       DAMS               + 10.785s
 5.  Federico Leo       Trident            + 12.964s
 6.  Jan Charouz        Charouz-Gravity    + 14.130s
 7.  Luca Filippi       Super Nova         + 14.666s
 8.  Julian Leal        Trident            + 15.092s
 9.  Alexander Sims     Charouz-Gravity    + 18.952s
10.  Edoardo Piscopo    DAMS               + 19.697s
11.  Davide Valsecchi   RP                 + 25.430s
12.  Giorgio Pantano    Ombra              + 26.327s
13.  Carlos Iaconelli   Durango            + 39.056s
14.  Stefano Bizzarri   RP                 + 47.482s
15.  Natacha Gachnang   Charouz-Gravity    + 47.777s
16.  Giuseppe Cipriani  Durango          + 1m17.051s


     Jonny Reid         Super Nova       4 laps
Grosjean takes Monza Auto GP pole
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Grosjean takes Monza Auto GP pole

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