SEAT dominates Marrakech practice

SEAT continued to lead the way in the World Touring Car Championship's first visit to the Marrakech street circuit with Rickard Rydell and Yvan Muller each topping one of Saturday's free practice sessions

SEAT dominates Marrakech practice

The five factory turbo diesel Leons filled the first five places in both sessions, with Rydell just edging out Muller in the quicker morning run.

Gabriele Tarquini was the only driver to join Rydell and Muller in the 1m49s, with Jordi Gene and Tiago Monteiro a couple of tenths further back.

Times were slower in the afternoon session as most drivers elected not use a new set of tyres, and Muller led the way from Tarquini, Gene, Monteiro and Rydell.

Tom Coronel was just two tenths shy of the works cars by the end of practice in his independent, petrol-powered Leon, while the Chevrolet Cruze proved to be the closest challenger to SEAT's domination.

Alain Menu was sixth this morning and seventh this afternoon, with his team-mates Rob Huff and Nicola Larini taking a turn each to join him inside the top 10.

No BMW has been within one second of the front-running pace all day, with Jorg Muller closest in eighth place this morning.

The quickest BMW this afternoon was the independent car of Franz Engstler in ninth, with Muller 10th and again the fastest of the works cars.

Free practice 1:

Pos Driver Car Time Gap 1. Rickard Rydell SEAT 1m49.641s 2. Yvan Muller SEAT 1m49.765s +0.124 3. Gabriele Tarquini SEAT 1m49.881s +0.240 4. Jordi Gene SEAT 1m50.013s +0.372 5. Tiago Monteiro SEAT 1m50.211s +0.570 6. Alain Menu  Chevrolet 1m50.286s +0.645 7. Tom Coronel SEAT 1m50.688s +1.047 8. Jorg Muller BMW 1m50.708s +1.067 9. Nicola Larini Chevrolet 1m51.154s +1.513 10. Stefano D'Aste BMW 1m51.284s +1.643 11. Mehdi Bennani SEAT 1m51.402s +1.761 12. Rob Huff Chevrolet 1m51.403s +1.762 13. Augusto Farfus BMW 1m51.496s +1.855 14. Andy Priaulx BMW 1m51.668s +2.027 15. Marin Colak SEAT 1m51.771s +2.130 16. Alex Zanardi BMW 1m51.933s +2.292 17. Felix Porteiro BMW 1m52.031s +2.390 18. Kristian Poulsen BMW 1m52.139s +2.498 19. Franz Engstler BMW 1m52.353s +2.712 20. Vito Postiglione BMW 1m52.382s +2.741 21. Kirill Ladygin LADA 1m52.816s +3.175 22. Jaap van Lagen LADA 1m52.937s +3.296 23. Sergio Hernandez BMW 1m52.953s +3.312 24. Viktor Shapovalov LADA 1m53.121s +3.480 25. George Tanev BMW 1m53.932s +4.291 
Free practice 2:
Pos Driver Car Time Gap 1. Yvan Muller SEAT 1m50.462s 2. Gabriele Tarquini SEAT 1m50.627s +0.165 3. Jordi Gene SEAT 1m50.725s +0.263 4. Tiago Monteiro SEAT 1m50.825s +0.363 5. Rickard Rydell SEAT 1m51.043s +0.581 6. Tom Coronel SEAT 1m51.232s +0.770 7. Alain Menu Chevrolet 1m51.250s +0.788 8. Rob Huff Chevrolet 1m51.482s +1.020 9. Franz Engstler BMW 1m51.604s +1.142 10. Jorg Muller BMW 1m51.713s +1.251 11. Nicola Larini Chevrolet 1m51.746s +1.284 12. Andy Priaulx BMW 1m51.822s +1.360 13. Alex Zanardi BMW 1m51.861s +1.399 14. Augusto Farfus BMW 1m51.884s +1.422 15. Stefano D'Aste BMW 1m52.053s +1.591 16. Mehdi Bennani SEAT 1m52.148s +1.686 17. Jaap van Lagen Lada 1m52.560s +2.098 18. Sergio Hernandez BMW 1m53.449s +2.987 19. Kristian Poulsen BMW 1m53.484s +3.022 20. Marin Colak SEAT 1m53.720s +3.258 21. Viktor Shapovalov Lada 1m54.200s +3.738 22. Kirill Ladygin Lada 1m54.505s +4.043 23. George Tanev BMW 1m54.896s +4.434 24. Felix Porteiro BMW 1m55.275s +4.813 25. Vito Postiglione BMW 1m55.609s +5.147 
Muller tops first Marrakech session

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Muller tops first Marrakech session

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Huff claims Cruze's maiden pole
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