Current WTCC cars could run in 2014 to boost grids - Roberto Ravaglia

FIA World Touring Car Championship teams' representative Roberto Ravaglia believes privateer teams could be allowed to run cars to existing regulations in 2014 to maintain grid numbers

Current WTCC cars could run in 2014 to boost grids - Roberto Ravaglia

Earlier this month the FIA announced wider technical freedoms would be introduced for 2014, along with cars more aggressive in appearance.

ROAL Motorsport boss Ravaglia told AUTOSPORT that 2014 could be a season of transition, with only a few teams capable of entering cars fitting the new technical regulations.

"The new cars and regulations are coming in for 2014, but I believe that not everybody will be ready with their new cars until 2015," said Ravaglia.

"For 2014, we will have one or two or three manufacturers, so only a few cars running to the new regulations, and it will be an intermediate season.

"I believe cars running to the new regulations and old regulations will race together. Then for 2015, the old cars will disappear."

Ravaglia emphasised that he agreed with the timing of the rules overhaul, which is intended to attract additional manufacturers to the series.

Although the concept of the new regulations has been disclosed, the FIA's technical commission has yet to announce precise details.

"To change the regulations now is the right time, because Chevrolet has just left the championship and other manufacturers are looking to enter the WTCC in the future," said Ravaglia.

"We should change something, because apart from bringing in the turbo engine in 2011, we've had these regulations for a long time.

"It is also time to change the look of the cars, to make them more high performance, but always bearing in mind the impact on money and cost."

The Italian has confirmed he intends to enter two BMWs in next year's championship, and has begun tentative talks with the German manufacturer to discuss the feasibility of it building a car to the 2014 regulations.

"I think there was one technical commission in the FIA [last week], and another one before Christmas, [in which] the technical people from the manufacturers are finalising the details of the new regulations," Ravaglia explained.

"I hope that in the end they find a solution where everybody is happy.

"At the moment I speak as a BMW team, and even BMW could think to come back and build a new car for the new regulations."


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