NASCAR: Mayfield failed test again

Jeremy Mayfield has once again tested positive for methamphetamines, according to documents filed in court by NASCAR in an attempt to overturn a temporary injunction the driver was granted two weeks ago

The 40-year-old tested positive for a second time on July 6, according to NASCAR, following his indefinite suspension, which arose form his first positive back in May when he was tested at Richmond.

The Sprint Cup Series veteran had succeeded in getting a temporary injunction from a judge, which allowed him to return to racing, but he has not been able to compete again due to lack of sponsorship for his own team and denials from other outfits to put him in their car.

"Within days of this Court's preliminary injunction, Mr. Mayfield flouted both this Court's authority and NASCAR's Substance Abuse Policy by ingesting the same illegal drug that he has repeatedly denied taking," said NASCAR in their court filing.

"By misleading this Court about his drug use, Mr. Mayfield has compromised NASCAR's ability to protect its drivers, crews and fans."

The same day Mayfield was last tested by NASCAR this month, the driver's attorney had a second sample tested at a different laboratory, and according to him, the results were negative as opposed to those of NASCAR's liaison.

But besides the positive test, NASCAR has also filed in its documentation an affidavit of Mayfield's stepmother Lisa, who claims in her testimony to know that the driver has used methamphetamines many times since 1998, including once before a race.

However, Mayfield has played down NASCAR's claims, while saying his stepmother's testimony doesn't say the truth.

"I don't trust anything NASCAR does, anything [substance abuse program administrator] Dr. David Black does, never have, never will," Mayfield told The Associated Press.

"And they picked the wrong woman to use against me because that [expletive] is trash and has got nothing on me but lies."

This week Mayfield also lost his last employee, his team's general manager Bobby Wooten, which makes it ever more unlikely that the five-time Sprint Cup Series race winner returns to the track soon, even if the court ruling stands in his favour.

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