MotoGP bike changes causing arm issues, suggest Marquez and Rossi

Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi believe the increase in arm problems among MotoGP riders this year is directly related to the technical improvements to their 2015 bikes

The compartment syndrome condition has long been common among motorcycle riders but there has been an increase in the severity of the issue.

Marquez's Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa underwent "aggressive" arm surgery in April after suffering a reoccurrence of his 2014 arm pump problems.

Tech 3 Yamaha rider Pol Espargo and Avintia Ducati's Hector Barbera also had operations this year to combat the issue, as did Moto2 frontrunner Alex Rins.

Marquez reckons increased power and tyre consistency has allowed riders to be on the limit much more and potentially aggravated arm pump problems, particularly when bikes' set-ups are not to their liking.

"With these bikes you can go really fast and you're pushing a lot," said Marquez.

"Not only one lap but during all the race because the tyres are so consistent too.

"This means you are under stress all the time in the race.

"It also depends on how you ride the bike. For example, last year, I didn't have any problems or any feeling and this year already in some races I have felt something.

"This means that I don't ride in the way I would want to.

"When you are stiff on the bike that is when these problems come.

"I think it's a little bit of everything. A little bit the riding style but also the way that the bikes are now. It also depends on the circuit."

Rossi suggested greater braking forces are a major contributing factor.

"It's curious. For me there must be a technical answer to this problem," he said.

"The pressure that you have on your arms during the braking has increased.

"The Bridgestone front tyre is fantastic. The brakes are always bigger and bigger and also the engine brake of the bike, and for example the seamless braking, help a lot to stop the bike.

"This is all technical force that goes to your arm and in the last year a lot of people have had this problem. I think it's because of this. But for me, fortunately, I don't have a problem."

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