MotoGP Argentina: Marquez defends his riding after clash with Rossi

Marc Marquez insists he wasn't doing anything "crazy" when he made contact with Valentino Rossi during Sunday's MotoGP race in Argentina and caused his rival to crash

After receiving a ride-through penalty early on for riding his bike back to his grid spot after briefly stalling, Marquez spent the bulk of the race at the Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo recovering from the rear of the field.

The Honda rider put a forceful move on Aleix Espargaro during his comeback - making contact with the Aprilia rider - and then did likewise with Rossi at the same Turn 13 corner towards the end of the race.

In the second case, Rossi ended up falling off his bike and Marquez was subject to widespread criticism regarding his aggressive riding.

But Marquez says he "didn't make anything crazy" during his battle with Rossi, insisting that the same thing had happened between other riders during the race.

"Today what happened to Valentino was a mistake, [a] consequence of the track conditions because I locked the front," said Marquez, who finished fifth but was given a 30-second time penalty for "irresponsible riding" and was classified in 18th.

"You needed to understand how the track condition was - of course in that line [it] was dry but I [took the] wet patch, locked the front, released the brakes.

"Okay, I had the contact - I tried to turn and then when I see that he crashed I just try to say sorry.

"If you check - [Johann] Zarco with Dani [Pedrosa], [Danilo] Petrucci with Aleix [Espargaro].

"Today was quite difficult but it doesn't matter - I did my 100 percent and of course [it was a] tricky Sunday."

Marquez reckoned his biggest mistake was the incident with Espargaro, for which he was told to cede position during the race.

"Maybe the biggest mistake I did in the race was with Aleix," he said.

"I arrive four seconds faster and I didn't realise, when you run four seconds faster than the other guys it is quite difficult.

"I didn't realise but I try 100 percent to avoid the contact. Then I say sorry.

"Okay I received penalty, I understand, I just go back one position but even two because I didn't know.

"To be safe I [went] back two positions."

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