125cc: Vinales takes maiden 125cc pole

Rising star Maverick Vinales claimed his first 125cc pole position after a tight battle with championship leader Nico Terol at Silverstone

125cc: Vinales takes maiden 125cc pole

Terol had hung back at first, allowing Vinales and Johann Zarco - the only men to beat him on the road this year - to fight it out for pole.

Just after half-distance, Terol thrust his Aspar Aprilia to the front with a time nearly a second clear of his rivals, as has been his habit in qualifying so far this year.

For most of the season that has been the end of the story, but this time Vinales fought back, getting ever closer to Terol before reclaiming provisional pole with a 2m14.684s, putting him nearly 0.4 seconds clear of Terol at the time.

The points leader soon retaliated and closed to within a few fractions of Vinales, but could not beat the Spanish rookie.

Zarco completed the front row after a late exchange of places with Efren Vazquez.

Pos Rider Team/Bike Time Gap 1. Maverick Vinales Blusens Aprilia 2m14.684s 2. Nicolas Terol Aspar Aprilia 2m14.720s + 0.036s 3. Johann Zarco Ajo Derbi 2m15.266s + 0.582s 4. Efren Vazquez Ajo Derbi 2m15.284s + 0.600s 5. Sandro Cortese Germany Aprilia 2m15.589s + 0.905s 6. Luis Salom RW Aprilia 2m15.713s + 1.029s 7. Hector Faubel Aspar Aprilia 2m15.747s + 1.063s 8. Jonas Folger Ajo Aprilia 2m16.073s + 1.389s 9. Alberto Moncayo Andalucia Aprilia 2m16.250s + 1.566s 10. Sergio Gadea Blusens Aprilia 2m16.274s + 1.590s 11. Adrian Martin Aspar Aprilia 2m16.743s + 2.059s 12. Danny Kent Ajo Aprilia 2m17.038s + 2.354s 13. Simone Grotzkyj Phonica Aprilia 2m17.298s + 2.614s 14. Zulfahmi Khairuddin Ajo Derbi 2m17.468s + 2.784s 15. Danny Webb Mahindra 2m17.677s + 2.993s 16. Jakub Kornfeil Ongetta Aprilia 2m17.751s + 3.067s 17. Sturla Fagerhaug WTR-Ten10 Aprilia 2m17.766s + 3.082s 18. Jasper Iwema Ongetta Aprilia 2m17.784s + 3.100s 19. Louis Rossi Matteoni Aprilia 2m18.001s + 3.317s 20. Alexis Masbou Caretta KTM 2m18.076s + 3.392s 21. Niklas Ajo TT Motion Aprilia 2m18.259s + 3.575s 22. Marcel Schrotter Mahindra 2m18.674s + 3.990s 23. Harry Stafford Ongetta Aprilia 2m18.906s + 4.222s 24. Giulian Pedone Phonica Aprilia 2m19.421s + 4.737s 25. Peter Sebestyen Caretta KTM 2m19.539s + 4.855s 26. Taylor Mackenzie Phonica Aprilia 2m19.619s + 4.935s 27. Alessandro Tonucci Italia Aprilia 2m19.875s + 5.191s 28. Luigi Morciano Italia Aprilia 2m20.308s + 5.624s 29. Joan Perello Matteoni Aprilia 2m20.879s + 6.195s 30. John McPhee KRP Aprilia 2m21.235s + 6.551s 31. Francesco Mauriello WTR-Ten10 Aprilia 2m22.012s + 7.328s 
125cc: Terol wins after Zarco penalised

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125cc: Terol wins after Zarco penalised

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