125cc: Maxtra: MotoGP a long-term ambition

Haojue, the Chinese bike manufacturer behind the new Team Maxtra 125cc team who are spearheaded by John Surtees, has admitted its long-term ambition is to move up to MotoGP

The outfit was officially unveiled in Shanghai today, with Surtees teaming up with former Suzuki boss Garry Taylor for the project that hopes to start racing next year.

In a statement issued by Haojue, the company confirmed its MotoGP ambitions but insisted it was in no rush to move up the classes.

"We have to start from the bottom of the ladder, and climb from there," said the company. "We will learn and improve. Also, it is the most stable and often the most exciting grand prix class.

"We did also look at the 250 class, but there is a great deal of uncertainty as to its future, so we decided it would not be wise to proceed at the current time. We also think that the 125 class offers the best pure racing challenge."

When asked about the possibility of MotoGP in the future, it said: "Our priority is to succeed in the 125 class, with a three-year programme. When we are confident, when we feel ready, and when conditions are right, we will certainly consider moving up to the class."


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