Moto2 teams hold emergency meeting after alarming bike issue arises at COTA

Moto2 teams were summoned to an emergency meeting on Saturday at the MotoGP Americas Grand Prix after seven bikes stopped suddenly without warning and caused dangerous situations on the track.

Ai Ogura, Honda Team Asia

The origin of the breakdown has not been located, although there are certain suspicions that point in different directions.

The most widespread has to do with the connectivity between the electronic control unit and an electrical switch of a specific supplier, which most of the teams incorporate.

Although some bikes had already stopped for no apparent reason in the two previous grand prix in Portugal and Argentina, the number of cases has increased alarmingly upon arrival at the Circuit of the Americas.

On Saturday, at least seven riders were affected by this sudden shutdown of their machines.

One of the most striking cases was that of Ai Ogura, to whom it happened when approaching the long right-hand corner of the last sector.

Behind him was Jake Dixon, who almost crashed into the Japanese rider. In addition to Ogura, it is known that Marcos Ramirez and Aron Canet were also victims of these disconnections.

In view of the growing concern in the garages, Triumph, the sole engine supplier, called a meeting attended by representatives of all the teams in the intermediate category, as well as a member of IRTA (the International Race Teams' Association), and another representative of MotoGP promoter Dorna, and Magnetti Marelli, the electronics supplier in the category.

Aron Canet, Pons Racing

Aron Canet, Pons Racing

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

Despite not being certain about the source of the problem, the temporary solution that came out of that meeting was to separate the electric regulator from the engine, by means of a small structure that would prevent a hypothetical overheating.

It is understood that this measure is provisional, since a series of in-depth analyses are planned with the intention of finding the key to the problem.

"We don't know exactly the cause," a team manager of one of the Moto2 teams explained to Autosport.

"There are several theories. One of them points to the vibrations that can cause the engine, which this year gives 400 revolutions per minute more.

"Another, that the bumps in Austin have increased the problem. And another, that the heat is the cause of the coil breaking (which is inside the switch) and causing the bikes to stop."

Another technician, who wanted to remain anonymous, added: "The worst of all is that it can generate very dangerous situations.

"We don't want to imagine what could happen if someone's bike stops in the middle of a straight and when riding in a group. Let's hope nothing happens."


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