Motorsport Jobs: How Roborace could become a career route

Roborace CEO and Audi Formula E driver Lucas Di Grassi says Roborace is increasingly an opportunity for a career in new-wave autonomous technology

The driverless racing series has held demonstration runs in support of FE races since its inception and various versions of the car, based on an LMP3 design, have been built.

Those laps were undertaken to prove the maturity of the technology and to attract future entrants.

Di Grassi says that the growth of Roborace means it is the perfect chance for anyone who is interested in artificial intelligence or driverless cars to showcase their skills.

He told Motorsport Jobs that he wants to create opportunities within the series for those with career aspirations - such as students, engineers and autonomous technology enthusiasts.

"We want to be able to give the opportunity to anyone to be able to compete in a virtual environment, to test their code algorithms strategies against each other, giving a prize for the winner by access to the 1000+bhp real car to compete on the main events," he said.

The reigning FE champion splits his time between racing and his CEO role at Roborace, and believes the autonomous racing series will be an ideal situation for developing industry professionals.

"We will align Roborace for the future automotive industry needs through the ADA [Autonomous Driver Alliance], to create a perfect environment for engineers/coders/scientists working on solutions and/or technologies related to driverless vehicles," di Grassi added.

He admitted that Roborace will be a niche area by design.

"We would like Roborace to start where traditional motorsport ends, create a whole new niche for this tech, and not compete with current series," said di Grassi.

With the potential for a new generation of engineers specialising in autonomous technology, Di Grassi adds that the chance to work with road-relevant technology will boost careers.

"It is the dream job for clever engineers to work in road relevant technologies with some fully exciting competition and extreme machines," he said.

Roborace is continually growing and expanding its staff in a period in which there is a shortage of engineers pursuing a career in driverless technology, meaning there is a strong potential to carve out a promising career.

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