Magazine: The challenge that can stop Mercedes' F1 domination

We look at the hurdles Mercedes has to overcome to continue its domination of Formula 1 in the latest issue of Autosport magazine, out today (11 February)


In the week that Lewis Hamilton finally signed to stay at the pacesetting team - for just one year - Alex Kalinauckas identifies the challenges Mercedes faces to continue its success in 2021 and beyond.

The F1 regulation changes for this season aren't as extensive as those planned for 2022 but the aerodynamic tweaks designed to cut downforce and the new cost cap could still trip teams up, including Mercedes.

We also pick out the greatest grand prix cars Mercedes has produced and look at the implications and questions surrounding Hamilton's new, short deal. Is it merely a pragmatic response to the strange, coronavirus-influenced way the negotiations had to take place or indicative of something else?

Mercedes won't stop winning purely because Hamilton leaves but all great eras must end eventually and it is normally change - or multiple changes - that makes that happen.

One thing that hasn't changed for years is the NGTC philosophy in the British Touring Car Championship. It's now a decade old and can be put against the legendary Super Touring era as one of the championship's best rulesets. BTCC correspondent Marcus Simmons talks to some of the key players to assess NGTC's pros and cons.

There's a significant British challenge in this year's Formula E field. Matt Kew looks at their chances, while we also preview this weekend's Daytona 500.

Ellen Lohr has to be regarded as one of the most versatile racers of recent decades and she tells James Newbold about the problems and successes of her long career.

Our National section includes news of the latest drivers to commit to British F3 for 2021, and the reasons British circuits haven't been able to take advantage of the government's offer of financial assistance.

We also look at the venues, series and clubs hardest hit by the lockdowns - and hear how they are planning to bounce back.

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