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Farewell to a weekly tradition

Biranit Goren,'s former editor-in-chief, gets the last word on the final issue of the Weekly Journal...

This week's issue of the journal, the last of 2008, will also be the final weekly journal. As of next week, will publish features on a daily basis, allowing us to provide even more premium content to our subscribers on a more timely fashion - and in a manner more befitting the Internet medium.

The editor of Simon Strang kindly asked me to write a few parting words for the weekly journal - although I certainly wasn't the one who founded it, almost 15 years ago. Paul Kaizar, Dr William Doolittle and Dr Robert Balling get the credit for that. For nine years, from 1998 to 2007, I was its editor, and have stuck to a format that I knew was growing more and more anachronistic because of tradition and because it was right, at the time, for Atlas F1 and later

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