Silverstone MotoGP, Baltimore IndyCar, Interlagos WEC, Loeb in RX


By: Matt Beer, Scott Mitchell, Sam Tremayne, Mark Glendenning, Gary Watkins, Connell Sanders Jr, Peter Mills, Andrew van Leeuwen, Andrew van de Burgt, Dan Cross


Status: Stopped
WEC - Interlagos:Fassler crosses the line to take a clear victory for Audi. That means the Swiss, Lotterer and Treluyer have closed the gap on championship leaders McNish, Kristensen and Duval, who were second today, from 30 points to 22.

G-Drive/Delta-ADR has dominated LMP2 today with a faultless performance from Conway, Rusinov and Martin, while Bruni holds off a late charge from Turner's Aston to take a second GTE Pro victory of the season for AF Corse and Ferrari.

Campbell-Walter and Hall win the GTE Am class for Aston.
IndyCar -Baltimore: Pagenaud skated away over those last few laps and crosses the line to take the second win of his career. Newgarden is second - his first IndyCar podium - and Bourdais third. Justin Wilson and Simona de Silvestro complete the top five.
IndyCar - Baltimore: OK, the last few laps have been crazy. No time to describe it all right now, but just imagine a lot of mad, gloves-off overtaking.

Pagenaud leads from Newgarden and Bourdais, five laps left.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Seven laps left and Pagenaud is piling the pressure on Andretti for the lead, with Kanaan right behind him. Pagenaud is on the harder tyres, so that could work against him.
IndyCar - Baltimore: This time, they manage to get it right.
IndyCar - Baltimore: ... is waved off. Andretti launched about two miles before he was allowed to.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Restart ...
IndyCar - Baltimore: Did we mention that Power has rejoined? Anyway, he has.

AUTOSPORT's brain hurts.
IndyCar - Baltimore: No longer funny. Bourdais spun Wilson, Hinch goes to the outside wall to avoid the Coyne car and gets tagged in the rear by Rahal. No-one appears to have sustained major damage, but expect a penalty for Bourdais.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Drive through penalties for Power and Servia for avoidable contact. It's a moot point for Power, who is still in the pits.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Restart. Miraculously, nobody hit anything!
IndyCar - Baltimore: Current leader is Andretti ahead of Kanaan, Pagenaud, Wilson, Bourdais and Castroneves, who is still yet to serve his penalty.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Rahal forced Bourdais wide at Turn 1, and as the Frenchman was turning in he was hit from behind and spun by Oriol Servia, who ends up in the barriers.

In the traffic jam behind them, Sebastian Saavedra went into the back of Viso.

Rahal takes advantage of the yellows to take care of some unfinished business - he hadn't used the red tyres yet, as required under the regulations.
IndyCar - Baltimore: This is ridiculous.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Restart.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Obviously, we're under yellows. Bourdais must be loving this.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Power on the radio: "I'm sorry guys, I just lost it in a straight line".

That's a massive blow to Dixon's title hopes. Remarkable: Castroneves is having another awful afternoon, and he's still going to extend his title lead.
WEC - Interlagos: Turner is edging back towards the Ferrari in Bruni's hands. So far we've seen the Ferrari look the quicker car at the end of a stint, so the smart money is on Bruni and Fisi winning this one.
IndyCar -Baltimore: Power sideswipes Dixon on the restart and puts the Kiwi hard into the wall. He was in Power's blind spot - Power was trying to pass Bourdais.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Restart.
IndyCar - Baltimore: The current top seven is Bourdais, Rahal, Power, Servia, Dixon, Kimball and Viso. Rahal, Power, Servia and Dixon all need to pit soon, so it's starting to look very good indeed for Bourdais.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Bourdais leads from Rahal and Power, although we'll be surprised if Rahal isn't penalised for that incident. Dixon is fifth behind Servia.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Rahal turned Dixon around at Turn 1, and others including Hinchcliffe, Castroneves, and Servia got stuck behind him. Dixon was able to get going again; Hinch and Helio need some help.

Just before the incident, Castroneves was issued a drive-through for a pitlane safety violation.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Hunter-Reay's car appeared to be stuck in gear, so it took a while for it to be retrieved from the track. Back to green.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Another blow to Ryan Hunter-Reay's title defence - his car has stopped at Turn 11. We're still under caution.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Bourdais has retained the lead after the pitstops have shaken out, with Power just behind him. Impressive.

It was a bad stop for Castroneves, who lost a lot of time when the team dropped his car off the jack before his right-front wheel had been attached.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Stefan Wilson hits the wall at Turn 7. Vautier and Castroneves are straight into the pits.
WEC - Interlagos: Having said that, Duval makes a 'proper' stop for fuel and tyres, allowing Prost up into second. The Rebellion car is due a stop of its own, however.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Bourdais pits from the lead, promoting the soon-to-pit Tristan Vautier to P1.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Power and Dixon are catching - and passing - some of the guys who are ahead through being out of sequence, including Marco Andretti.
WEC - Interlagos: The #2 Audi has just taken a 30-second stop-go for speeding in the pitlane and now it is back to take a one-minute stop for an unsafe release. It's not going to alter the result, though. The Rebellion Lola is just a little bit too far behind to benefit
IndyCar - Baltimore: Franchitti's car has stopped again.

The leaders have pitted. Power overshot his stall and lost a lot of time - he's now just 1.3s ahead of Dixon. Bourdais, who is out of sequence. leads.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Pagenaud pits. Dixon will be relieved about that, as he was losing a ton of time stuck behind the Schmidt car. Power's lead has blown out to 9.7s.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Pagenaud lost 1.2s on that last lap. His tyres must be shot.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Pagenaud is rapidly losing ground to Power, whose lead is now 4.5s.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Newgarden glances the wall and loses three places. Kimball is now fourth.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Franchitti has rejoined the race, albeit seven laps down.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Graham Rahal is having a good race - he's just passed Tony Kanaan for sixth. Power still leads, with five Honda-powered cars behind him.
IndyCar - Baltimore: Restart, and Pagenaud takes P2 from Dixon at the first corner.
WEC - Interlagos: Mucke is right with Fisichella, but has yet to have a decent look at the leader.